Threading Machines

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Threading_brzl_010203 1. Turn power off.
2. Raise needle to its highest position by rotating the hand wheel towards you.
3. Raise presser foot.
Threading_brzl_04a 4a. Horizontal threading - place spool of thread on spool pin and slide spool pin holder/cap firmly over rim of spool to prevent thread from tangling.
Threading_brzl_04b 4b. Vertical threading - raise spool pin and place felt and thread onto spool pin.
Threading_brzl_05 5. Lead thread passing it first through the lower slot on the underside of the thread guide. Next through the upper slot, leading the thread over and around to the right. Pull thread into thread guide.
Threading_brzl_06a 6a. Pass the thread through the second thread guide by leading the thread to the right and under the guide, inserting it from the bottom over the top.
Threading_brzl_06b 6b. Holding thread ends in each hand snap thread into upper thread guide.
Threading_brzl_07a 7a. Lead the thread down and around the tension mechanism. Hold the spool with your right hand lightly and pull the thread up with your left hand allowing the thread to slip into the tension discs.
Threading_brzl_07b 7b. Following arrows, guide thread down into threading channel making sure the thread is inserted in the tension discs (2).
Threading_brzl_08 8. Thread take-up lever eye. (Take-up lever is slotted for easier threading). Pull down 6"-8" of thread.
Threading_brzl_09 9. Pull thread through thread guide(s) above the needle.
Threading_brzl_10 10. Thread needle from front to back.
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