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Presser Feet Instructions

An array of presser feet and attachments are available to perform a variety of tasks. They are designed to help you achieve professional results while saving time and effort. Here you will find written instructions as well as video clips demonstrating how to use the feet in several types of sewing. You will need Adobe® Reader® program to view the written instructions and Apple QuickTime to view the video clips.

Even Feed Foot

The Even Feed Foot has its own set of feed dogs that work in conjunction with the machine's feeding system to improve the flow of the fabric. This is particularly important when sewing several layers of fabric, such as in quilting. The Even Feed Foot "pulls" the top layer or layers of fabric through at the same speed as the machine's feed dogs are pulling the bottom layer or layers of fabric. This is also valuable in matching plaids or stripes, and in sewing pile types of fabrics such as velours and ultra-suede.

View Instructional Video Clips

Sewing Machine Presser Feet Download Instructions (PDF) Use in Fashion Sewing Use in Quilting Use in Home Décor Use in Heirloom Sewing Use in Crafts
1/4" or Quilting Quiting Foot Instructions   QT_icon      
Blind Hem See
"Operation Basics"
Button Sewing Button Sewing Foot Instructions QT_icon   QT_icon   QT_icon
Cording Cording Foot Instructions QT_icon   QT_icon QT_icon QT_icon
Embroidery & Darning Embroidery & Darning Foot Instructions   QT_icon      
Even Feed or Walking Even Feed Foot Instructions   QT_icon QT_icon    


Gathering Foot Instructions          
Invisible Zipper Invisible Zipper Foot Instructions QT_icon   QT_icon    
Open Toe Open Toe Foot Instructions       QT_icon QT_icon
Pintuck Pintuck Foot Instructions     QT_icon QT_icon  
Rolled or Narrow Hem Rolled Hem Foot Instructions QT_icon   QT_icon QT_icon  
Ruffler Ruffler Foot Instructions QT_icon   QT_icon QT_icon  
Shirring Shirring Foot Instructions          
Satin or Special Purpose Satin Stitch Foot Instructions QT_icon QT_icon QT_icon   QT_icon
Side Cutter (Sew & Serge) Attachment   QT_icon        

Serger Presser Feet:

Click foot name or image to view instructions in PDF (Adobe® Reader®). Please note: Presser feet listed below are not available for all serger/overlock models. Check the instruction manual for information on optional presser feet for your machine.

Beading Foot
Blind Hem Foot
Cording Foot
Elastic Foot
Lace Application Foot
Shirring Foot
Taping Foot
Yarn Application Foot