XL-6000 Continuous Hoop

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Continuous Hoop Embroidery
The Quantum® XL-6000 comes with the Continuous Hoop Attachment. You can create borders for garments and home decorator projects. Heirloom insertions can be created at a fraction of the cost of purchased Swiss insertions, by embroidering borders on organza or batiste. Make interesting sashings and borders for quilts, in contrast colors or tone-on-tone. You can even embroider borders on ribbon.

How the Continuous Hoop Works
This hoop is amazingly simple to use! It even comes with a design card which has a large assortment of borders ready to embroider. The sewing field is 50mm x 120mm, which is approximately 2" x 4¾". There is an adjustable Edge Guide at the right side of the hoop, which is used for keeping fabric aligned when moving to the next area to be embroidered. At the end of each embroidered segment, the machine stitches a "V"-shaped marking stitch. The hoop has a clamp which is simply lifted up, and then the fabric is pulled toward the back of the machine. The needle is placed into the point of the "V"-shaped stitch, keeping the right edge of the fabric aligned with the Edge Guide. Put the clamp back down and begin embroidering the next section of the design. It is that easy!

Creating Original Border Designs for the Continuous Hoop
The Professional Sew-Ware™ 2.00a has a function that provides for creating original borders. The software will automatically insert the "marking" stitches, which indicate the "V"-shaped placement for the needle when moving the fabric to the next area for embroidery. Edit an existing design, or digitize your own! Mix designs from cards, create cross-stitch borders, etc. There is no limit to what one can create. The software makes it so easy!

Ideas, Tips and Techniques for the Continuous Hoop
We will periodically post instructions for various ways to use the Continuous Hoop Attachment. Sometimes there will be a project, other times will simply be a technique which you can apply to the type of sewing you like to do. In either case, we hope to inspire you as you enjoy your Singer® embroidery machine! See projects designed especially for the Continuous Hoop: Fancy Buttonholes, Embellished Ribbon, Continuous Lace, and Creating continuous embroidery using the draw program of the PSW 2.00a.

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