One-Step Buttonholing

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Recommended Settings:
Stitch Selection: Buttonhole Stitch
Stitch Width: Resrc_button_stitch
Stitch Length: 4"
Presser Foot: Buttonhole Foot
Fastening Buttonholing Presser Foot
  1. Remove presser foot from shank.
  1. Center pin (1) in presser foot under shank.
  1. Press presser foot screw down firmly until shank snaps into place.
Setting Length of Buttonhole
  1. Pull buttonhole lever (2) straight down as far as it will go.
  2. Press it toward you.
  3. Place button against lever (2) and slide clamp (3) back until it touches.
  1. Center red guidelines (4) of foot around beginning line.
  2. Lower presser foot.
  1. Start running machine.
  2. The entire buttonhole will be sewn in one operation.
  3. Stop sewing when leg begins overlapping bartack.
  1. Raise presser foot.
  2. Remove fabric from machine.
  1. Clip threads end; cut buttonhole opening with scissors or seam ripper.
  2. Push buttonhole lever (2) back up into machine.
Adjusting Balance of Buttonhole
  1. If two stitching sides of a buttonhole are unequal, move stitch balance lever to adjust.
  2. If right side is too open, move stitch balance lever slightly to right.
  3. If left side is too open, move stitch balance lever slightly to left.
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