Winding a Bobbin

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Winding a bobbin is quick and easy when you follow the directions below. Always wind the bobbin before threading the machine and needle.
  1. Place spool of thread on spool pin.
  2. Slide spool pin holder/cap firmly over rim of spool to prevent thread from tangling.
  3. Push bobbin winder pin to far left if it is not already there.
  4. Pass the thread from spool through thread guide as shown (illustration 1).
  5. Pass thread end, from inside, through small hole in rim of bobbin (illustration 2).
  6. Place bobbin onto pin.
  7. Push bobbin winder pin to the right (illustration 3). This will stop the needle from moving.
  8. Holding thread end, step on speed controller to run machine until desired amount of thread is wound. (Winding stops automatically once bobbin is full.)
  9. Cut thread; push bobbin to the left and remove it from bobbin winder pin (illustration 4).
  10. Trim thread end from top of bobbin.
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