"Fabulous Fruit Basket" Apron


Welcome guests into your kitchen wearing this charming embroidered fruit basket apron. The sides of the fruit basket block and the apron pocket are embellished with one of our beautiful designs from the continuous hoop border selections.


Quantum™ XL-5000
Singer® PSW™ 2.00 Software
Singer® Continuous Hoop Option

Materials Needed

  • Pattern for apron with bib
  • Fabric yardage as directed on selected pattern
  • 1/3 yard muslin, cut:
    2 pieces 12’’x 12” squares
    1 pocket strip for “lace” trim
  • 12” x 12” iron-on stabilizer
  • All purpose thread Rayon embroidery thread in a variety of colors


  1. Press iron-on stabilizer on one piece of 12” x 12” square of muslin and embroider fruit basket design. Place batting between muslin with embroidered fruit basket and the other muslin square.
  2. Stipple the outside of the embroidered fruit basket square. Finish the edges of the muslin and cut square to the desired size to place on apron.
  3. Attach the Continuous Embroidery Hoop. Insert the Continuous Hoop Embroidery Card. Select the 3rd stitch on Page Two of the Continuous Hoop Design Booklet (Gold Design). Sew border down edge of muslin creating “lace” trim to place around the embroidered square and top of pocket.
  4. When the continuous design has been sewn out, trim the edges close to the border, being careful not to clip the design threads.
  5. Pin and baste embroidered muslin square onto the bib of apron.
  6. Place the lace border around the embroidered muslin square and stitch in place.
  7. Cut out a small pocket and sew the lace border to the top of the pocket. Sew pocket on apron.
  8. Sew apron as directed by the pattern.

Pocket Detail

Embroidery Detail

Compatible Machines

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