Tote Bag

Transport your SINGER sewing machine in this durable canvas tote!


This durable canvas tote is perfect for transporting your machine anywhere, as well as for storing your machine. The bow, of course, is optional.

Materials Needed

One 21 1/2" x 32 " canvas fabric for outside of bag

Two 4" x 19" contrast fabric for tote handles

Two 3 1/4" x 22" contrast fabric for band

One 4" x 18" contrast fabric for bow (optional)

One 2 1/2" x 4" contrast fabric for bow center knot (optional)

One 21 1/2" x 32" print fabric for lining of bag

All-purpose thread to match fabrics

Hand sewing needle

Fabric marker & ruler

Saferty pin





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Compatible Machines

  • 1304 | START™
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