Promise of Spring Bulletin Board


This nature inspired bulletin board is perfect for holding all your cherished photos and notes. Thank you to Heather Price for the instructions.

Materials Needed

-Firm regular or magnetized cork board
-Fabric scraps
-Pressed Leaves
-Clear Plastic Fabric (Tyvek)


Instructions courtesy of Heather Price, of www.winemakerssister.etsy.com

1. Gather together bits of fabric to use as the patchwork. I used about ¼ yard of natural linen plus lots of little pieces of fabric.

2. Measure your corkboard.

3. Sketch out how you’d like to arrange your patchwork. The finished fabric should be 3-4 inches larger than the corkboard in both dimensions.

4. Cut fabric to fit your sketch (mindful of a 5/8” seam all around) and lay out on a table to arrange patterns to your satisfaction.

5. Sew together strips of fabric, ironing each seam along the way.

6. To make any pockets, cut fabric to twice the height needed. Fold in half and press. Pin to the block of fabric where you’d like the pocket. Sew seams to make pocket dividers – as many as you want.

7. Once the strips of fabric are the correct width (mine was 22”), you can sew all the seams together to create a square (22” x 22” in my case). Press all seams.

8. If you wish to add decorative leaves, place them on the finished patchwork square where you’d like them to be. Sew each leaf decoratively along the veins. This gives you interesting stitching and attaches the leaf to the fabric bulletin board.

9. Stretch the patchwork fabric across the cork board and staple on the back around all sides. Pull evenly to avoid puckers.

10. Add any mounting hardware needed on the back of the cork board.

To make the magnets/push pins:

1. Cut two pieces of Tyvek® or other clear plastic to fit over a leaf with about ½ “edge around the leaf. Holding the two pieces together (with the leaf sandwiched in between), zigzag stitch around the edge.

2. Using an adhesive that works on plastic and metal, glue magnet to the back of the leaf.

*Note: If your cork board is not magnetized like mine, you can glue a pushpin to the back of the leaf rather than a magnet.

Compatible Machines

  • 2009 | ATHENA™
  • 8770 | CURVY™
  • 8763 | CURVY™
  • 2273 | ESTEEM™ II
  • 2263 | SIMPLE™
  • 8780 | CURVY™
  • 7470 | CONFIDENCE™
  • 2259 | TRADITION™
  • 2250 | TRADITION™
  • 57817
  • 7256 | FASHION MATE™
  • 1507WC
  • 4830
  • 4212 | INSPIRATION™
  • 132Q | Compact Sewing & Quilting Machine
  • 4205 | INSPIRATION™
  • 7285Q | PATCHWORK™
  • 7258 | STYLIST™
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