Upcycled Table Runner


A perfect way to re-use old clothes, sheets, towels, and any thing else you can find. Project ideas and instructions courtesy of Anna Zurega (aka Pattern Girl on Flickr)

Materials Needed

Any used garment can be used as long as they are all about the same weight. The example shown was created from 2 old shirts, 1 pair of pants, 1 vintage tablecloth, and quilted material from an old headboard cover for the backing.


Click here for complete instructions.


Compatible Machines

  • 8770 | CURVY™
  • 8763 | CURVY™
  • 7256 | FASHION MATE™
  • 7258 | STYLIST™
  • 4411 | HEAVY DUTY
  • 4423 | HEAVY DUTY
  • 7285Q | PATCHWORK™
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