Majestic Monogram A-M


Our “Majestic Monogram” designs can be reproduced on a Quantum XL-150, XL-1000, XL-5000 or XL-6000 using your PSW software. It can also be reproduced on the Futura machines. Use your favorite color of Robison-Anton thread to sew this design. Letters A through M are available this month, letters N through Z will be available next month, along with a new project that you can create using these wonderful designs.

Compatible Machines

  • CE-350 | FUTURA™
  • CE-250 | FUTURA™
  • XL-6000 QUANTUM®
  • CE-150 | FUTURA™
  • CE-100 | FUTURA™
  • XL-150 | Quantum®
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