Eyeglass Case


Keep your glasses safe and snug in this luxurious eyeglass case. This project can be made with or without the embroidery.

Materials Needed

• 3 pieces velveteen 4” x 15”
• 2 pieces lining fabric 4” x 15”
• 1 piece low loft cotton batting – 4” x 15”
• 1 piece low loft cotton batting – 4” x 7¼”
• 2 yards satin braided cord
• 7” invisible zipper to match fabric
• Sewing thread to match fabric
• Monogram initial embroidery design
• Rayon or metallic machine embroidery threads (metallic was used for sample)
• Self adhesive tear away stabilizer to fit medium hoop
• Small piece of gel type water soluble stabilizer(if using a napped fabric)
• Temporary spray adhesive



1. Mark one end of a piece of velveteen – center vertically and a horizontal line 3” above one short edge.
2. Hoop stabilizer, and remove paper to expose adhesive.
3. Open the embroidery design in the machine.
4. Reduce the design size by 10%.
5. Follow directions for your particular machine to center embroidery placement.
6. Place the small piece of gel type water-soluble stabilizer over the design area if using a napped fabric.
7. Embroider the desired initial centered over the mark – using either metallic or rayon embroidery threads.
8. Remove from hoop and remove excess stabilizer.
9. Spray one side of 4” x 15” batting piece with temporary spray adhesive and adhere it to wrong side of embroidered piece.
10. Spray one side of a lining piece and adhere to batting, forming a "sandwich”
11. Spray wrong side of second lining piece with temporary spray adhesive and adhere to another velveteen piece.
12. Clean finish raw edges of both sets.
13. On the opposite end of the embroidered piece, attach one side of the invisible zipper (see fig. 1).
14. Attach other side of zipper to second piece of velveteen and lining.
15. Place the small piece of batting on the wrong side of one end of the remaining velveteen piece, and fold the other end over it to form the eyeglass pocket (see fig. 2).
16. Top stitch across the folded end, securing the batting in place.
17. Clean finish the remaining 3 sides.
18. Place the pocket against the right side of the plain piece of velveteen (at the opposite end from the zipper). Place a couple of straight pins through all layers to hold it in place.
19. Place one end of the cord just above the pocket and pin in place. Hint: coil the excess cord, put a rubber band around it and tuck it into the pocket so it won’t get caught in the seam.
20. Place the long pieces right sides together and align all raw edges (see fig. 3).
21. Make certain the zipper is open, and stitch from the bottom end of the zipper around to the top end of the zipper, closing the case.
22. Clip corners.
23. Turn right side out, making sure the pocket is on the side of the case opposite the embroidered monogram.
24. Fold the embroidered flap down over the eyeglass pocket and finger press a slight crease.
25. Using the crease as a guide, stitch across the width of the case being careful not to catch the top of the eyeglass pocket in the stitching. However, do make sure that the end of the zipper inside the case is caught in the stitching.

Directions for Futura users:

1. With machine turned off, attach embroidery unit.
2. Hoop stabilizer; score and remove release paper.
3. Adhere eyeglass case piece (wrong side down) to stabilizer, with placement marks centered in the hoop.
4. Open Futura software. In the TEXT portion of the software, type a small period in the text box and apply stitches. Center the pattern by using the center function of the software.
5. Open a new screen and open the desired monogram design file. Center the design by using the center function in the software.
6. Transmit the first pattern (the period) to the Futura machine. Using the period to find the center of the hoop, place the fabric on top of the stabilizer and insert the needle in the center of the x-y line. When the fabric is in the desired position, press firmly into place, smoothing from the center out. This will ensure that the design will sew in the proper position. Cancel transmission.
7. Now transmit the monogram design to the machine. Stitch the design.

Directions for Quantum XL-150, XL-1000, XL-5000 and XL-6000 users:

1. With machine turned off, attach embroidery unit.
2. Hoop stabilizer; score and remove release paper.
3. Adhere hemmed towel to hooped stabilizer, carefully centering the placement marks.
4. Attach hoop to the machine.
5. Open the desired monogram design. Use the editing tools to center the design.
6. Stitch out the monogram design.

Compatible Machines

  • CE-350 | FUTURA™
  • CE-250 | FUTURA™
  • CE-150 | FUTURA™
  • CE-100 | FUTURA™
  • XL-6000 QUANTUM®
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