Table Runner


Combine luxurious fabric and beaded trim to make this elegant runner. It’s so easy to do! Just add decorative stitches to embellish the fabric’s surface! Select colors to accent the season or the room’s décor.

Materials Needed

  • ½ yard stripe decorator fabric
  • ½ yard solid fabric for lining (be sure lining is same width as decorator fabric)
  • ½ yard cotton batting
  • 1⅛ yards beaded trim
  • All-purpose thread to match fabrics
  • Assortment of decorative rayon and/or metallic threads for embellishment
  • Fabric marking pen/pencil
  • OPTIONAL: Cording foot


  • One 16” x [width of fabric] piece of the striped fabric (be sure to trim off salvages)
  • One piece of lining, same size as the striped fabric
  • One piece of batting, 17” wide and 1” longer than the striped fabric


(use ½” seam allowance)

  1. Center the wrong side of striped fabric piece onto batting piece. Baste.
  2. Embellish striped fabric unit with decorative threads and decorative stitching, as desired. Follow the lines on striped fabric to act as a guide when stitching.
    • Here are some suggestions for embellishing:
    • Place decorative thread in the needle and all-purpose thread in the bobbin. Select a decorative stitch on the sewing machine and stitch across fabric, following the stripes in the fabric.
    • Replace the Universal foot on the sewing machine with a Cording foot. Select a wide multi-step zigzag stitch. Place heavy weight threads in the grooves of the Cording foot and stitch over the threads, across the striped fabric piece.
    • Wind bobbin with heavyweight thread. Use all-purpose thread in the needle and a Universal presser foot. Select a straight or decorative stitch. Stitch from the back (wrong) side of the piece.
    • HINT: Draw lines with a fabric marker on the batting following the stripe lines on the front where you want to stitch to keep lines straight and even.
  3. Lightly press. Trim off excess batting so the edges of the embellished piece are straight and even.
  4. Mark each end of embellished piece as shown:
  5. Trim ends of piece as marked. Slightly round the point at each end.
  6. Cut lining the same size and shape as embellished piece.
  7. Baste beaded trim to the right side of embellished table runner piece at each pointed end.
  8. Right sides together, place lining to table runner piece, matching raw edges. Stitch, leaving an 8” opening on one long edge for turning
    TIP: You may find it helpful to use the Zipper foot when sewing the ends of the table runner with the beaded trim. It allows you to get as close as you can to the beads when stitching completely concealing the tape to which the beads are attached.
  9. Trim corners and points.
  10. Turn right side out. Make sure the seam allowance at opening is folded to inside. Gently press. Hand stitch the opening closed.

Compatible Machines

  • 4228 | INSPIRATION™
  • 7462 | TOUCH & SEW™
  • 4220 | INSPIRATION™
  • 4206 | INSPIRATION™
  • 7442
  • 4205 | INSPIRATION™
  • 7466 | TOUCH & SEW™
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