Holiday Stocking


Embellish pre-quilted fabric with metallic gold trim for a holiday stocking you’ll be proud to say you made yourself!

Materials Needed

  • ½ yard quilted fabric with diamond quilting pattern
  • ¼ yard gold short hair fake fur (cuff)
  • ½ yard lining (for cuff and stocking)
  • ¼ yard narrow gold ribbon (hanger)
  • 3 yards gold gimp trim ⅜” – ½” wide
  • Washable basting tape
  • Thread to match fabrics
  • Invisible thread (clear)

For stocking:

  • 2 of quilted fabric using pattern
  • 2 of lining fabric using pattern For cuff:
  • One 4” x 14” piece – cuff fabric
  • One 4” x 14” piece – lining fabric


⅜” seam allowance

  1. Embellish stocking front. Cut trim about ½” longer than area of stocking it will cover. Place basting tape on wrong side of trim. Remove paper from tape and place on stocking front, following stitching pattern of quilted fabric in one diagonal direction.
  2. Stitch trim to stocking using invisible thread in the needle. Depending on the trim selected, you may need to use a straight stitch and stitch down each side of each trim positioned on stocking front OR use a multi-step zigzag stitch and stitch down the center of the trim. Experiment and see what stitch pattern works best for the trim you have selected.
  3. Repeat positioning and stitching trim to stocking front in opposite diagonal direction.
  4. Stitch around embellished stocking front ¼” from raw edge. Trim so the embellished trim is even with raw edge of stocking.
  5. Place front and back of stocking right sides together and stitch leaving top edge open.
  6. Fold cuff lining with right sides together and stitch along short, straight edge. Press seam open.
  7. Fold cuff piece with right sides together and stitch cuff along short, straight edge. Finger press seam open.
  8. Place cuff-to-cuff lining, right sides together, matching seams. Stitch along bottom edge. Turn right side out.
  9. Having wrong sides together, match top raw edges of cuff and cuff lining. Baste.
  10. Place lining side of cuff over top of stocking matching side seam and top, raw edges. Baste.
  11. Fold ribbon (for hanger) in half, forming a loop. Place over cuff at seam matching raw edge. Baste.
  12. Right sides together, sew front and back of stocking lining together, leaving a 6” opening on one side seam and top edge open.
  13. Right sides together, place stocking unit to stocking lining matching top, raw edges and side seams.
  14. Stitch around top edge of stocking.
  15. Turn right side out through opening in lining.
  16. Stitch opening in lining closed. Push lining into stocking.

Compatible Machines

  • 4228 | INSPIRATION™
  • 7462 | TOUCH & SEW™
  • 4220 | INSPIRATION™
  • 4212 | INSPIRATION™
  • 4210 | INSPIRATION™
  • 4206 | INSPIRATION™
  • 7442
  • 4205 | INSPIRATION™
  • 7466 | TOUCH & SEW™
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