Accessories Organizer


Got jewelry? Keep your accessories orderly and in clear view with this easy-to-sew hanging organizer. How about making one for sewing accessories, too? A girl can never be too organized!

Materials Needed

  • ¾ yard fabric
  • ¾ yard lining fabric (backing, lining)
  • ¾ heavy weight interfacing
  • ½ yard medium gauge clear vinyl
  • ¼ yard polyester fleece or low-loft batting
  • 1/3 yard 1" wide sheer ribbon
  • 2 pkgs. Extra-wide double-fold bias tape
  • 1 pkg. double fold bias tape OR 3/8" ribbon that matches extra wide bias
  • 1 pkg. Wash-away basting tape
  • Thread to match bias tape
  • Tubular plastic hanger


Fabric Preparation

  • Fabric: One 17" x 22½" piece (Front)
  • Vinyl: Four 4" x 17" pieces (Pockets)
  • Interfacing: One 17" x 22½" piece
  • Backing fabric: One 17" x 22½" piece


  1. Place extra wide double fold bias tape on one long edge of each vinyl piece, with wider side of tape underneath. Stitch close to edge of inner fold, using a long machine stitch, catching the wider fold underneath.

    TIP: When sewing vinyl use a long stitch length setting. Since the needle makes a small hole in the vinyl, the farther away the holes of the stitches are, the stronger the seam will be.

  2. Place extra-wide double-fold bias on other long edge of three of the vinyl pieces. Stitch as in Step 1.
  3. Pin wrong side of front to interfacing.
  4. Place vinyl pockets on right side of fabric/interfacing unit spaced as shown.
    Figure 01

    TIP: Avoid using pins when working with vinyl. Use paper clips or other fasteners that will not pierce the vinyl and leave a permanent hole.

  5. Machine-baste vinyl pockets along side and bottom edges.

    TIP: What is machine basting? It means sewing long and loose stitches, which are used to hold fabric in place temporarily. In this case, it holds the vinyl in place while the accessory pockets are formed and before the outer edge is finished with bias tape. Set the Pattern Selector to Straight Stitch. Set the Length Dial to the longest stitch length. Now turn the upper thread tension to a lower number.

  6. Cut three 22½" pieces double fold bias OR 3/8" ribbon. If using double-fold bias rather than ribbon, trim it so that it measures 3/8" wide and has a fold on each long edge.
  7. Apply basting tape to wrong side of each bias/ribbon piece.
  8. Remove backing from basting tape and place bias/ribbon pieces onto organizer front over vinyl as shown:
    Figure 02
  9. Stitch close to each long edge of each bias/ribbon piece.
  10. Baste wrong side of backing on interfacing side of unit.
  11. Attach extra-wide double-fold bias to side and bottom edges of organizer, mitering at bottom corners.
  12. Make pattern for hanger cover:
    • Place hanger on paper and trace around shape. Draw a straight, horizontal line across top at base of hanger hook.
    • Add 3/8" seam allowance on top/side edges; add ¾" seam allowance to bottom straight edge.
    • Using this pattern, cut two of fabric, two of fleece and two of lining.
  13. Machine-baste fleece to wrong side of each fabric piece.
  14. Right sides together, pin lining to hanger cover front. Stitch across top on each unit. Stitch across straight, bottom edge on one of the units. Turn each unit to the right side.
  15. Right sides together and matching side raw edges, pin the hanger cover units together. Stitch along each side, leaving the bottom edge free.
  16. Pin the right side of the hanger cover front to the right side of the organizer, matching raw edges, and keeping the lining of the hanger cover free. Stitch.
  17. Finger press the seam away from the organizer. Turn under and pin the seam allowance of the hanger cover lining. Stitch the opening closed.
  18. Insert the hanger into the cover.
  19. Tie wide ribbon into a bow around hanger. Trim ends as desired.


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Compatible Machines

  • 2273 | ESTEEM™ II
  • 2263 | SIMPLE™
  • 7469 | CONFIDENCE™
  • 2250 | TRADITION™
  • 2010 | SUPERB™
  • 7467 | CONFIDENCE™
  • 7466 | TOUCH & SEW™
  • 7463 | CONFIDENCE™
  • 7462 | TOUCH & SEW™
  • 7444 | PRECISION™
  • 4228 | INSPIRATION™
  • 4220 | INSPIRATION™
  • 7442
  • 7436 | INGENUITY™
  • 4210 | INSPIRATION™
  • 7430
  • 4205 | INSPIRATION™
  • CB5
  • 7422 | ADVANCE™
  • 2009 | ATHENA™
  • 8780 | CURVY™
  • 8770 | CURVY™
  • 8763 | CURVY™
  • 7470 | CONFIDENCE™
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