Covered Headband


Covered headbands are the definitive fashion accessory of the season. Make your own to go with your favorite outfits. You can even embellish it with decorative stitching to express your creativity and style!

Materials Needed

  • ¼ yard fabric
  • Thread to match
  • Purchased headband to cover
  • Bodkin


Fabric Preparation:
Measure across the widest part of the headband. Double this measurement and ADD 1 5/8". Note the measurement. (Example: If headband measures 2" - double is 4", then add 1 5/8" to get 5 5/8"). Cut one piece of fabric in the size calculated above x width of the fabric.

Directions (Plain Headband):

  1. Trim selvages off ends of fabric piece.
  2. Fold fabric right sides together matching long, raw edges. Pin.
  3. Using a ½" seam, stitch along long edge keeping both short ends free, forming a tube.
  4. Gently press seam open.
  5. Turn tube to right side (this is where the bodkin helps).
  6. Slide fabric tube over headband. Be sure headband is centered and the two ties are of equal length.
  7. Tie an overhand knot in fabric tube at each end of headband, to secure it in place.
  8. Turn in ½" on each end of fabric tube to conceal raw edges. Press.
  9. Stitch across each end to secure hem in place.

Compatible Machines

  • 4205 | INSPIRATION™
  • 3116 | SIMPLE™
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