Pansy Welcome Wall Hanging


This attractive pansy wall hanging will greet guests with a warm and lovely greeting. (Dimensions: 19" X 10")

Materials Needed

  • 3/4 yard black marble cotton
  • 1/3 yard slate blue cotton
  • 1/2 yard wine color cotton

  • Stabilizers
  • (2) 12" X 20" fusible webbing
  • 3" X 20" fusible webbing
  • 12" X 20" cutaway stabilizer
  • 12" X 20" batting
  • (2) 9" X 12" tearaway stabilizer
  • (1) 9" X 12" fusible tearaway stabilizer

  • Notions
  • Bobbinfill
  • Chromium needles size 14

  • Thread: Robison-Anton® Rayon Embroidery Thread #122
  • Color 1: 2240-Green
  • Color 2: 2625-Dark blue
  • Color 3: 2434-Medium blue
  • Color 4: 2619-Royal blue
  • Color 5: 2434-Medium blue
  • Color 6: 2562-Gold
  • Color 7: 2732 Yellow
  • Color 8: White
  • Color 9: 2380 Mulberry
  • Color 10: 2479 Almond brown
  • Color 11: 2227 Medium brown
  • Color 12: 2394 Bright gold
  • Color 13: 2625 Dark blue


Fabric Preparation

  1. Cut (2) 10” X 22” black marble fabric pieces
  2. Cut (1) 2” X 20” black marble fabric piece
  3. Cut (2) 2” X 5” black marble fabric pieces
  4. Cut (1) 10” X 15” blue slate marble fabric piece

  5. Press fusible tearaway on the backside of fabric piece
  6. Cut (1) 9” X 18” wine colored marble fabric piece
  7. Cut (2) 10” X 15” wine colored marble fabric piece

  8. Press fusible tearaway on the backside of both pieces of fabric


  1. Place the 10" X 15" blue slate marble fabric with the fusible tearaway in hoop. *Because the design has a lot of stitches, you may have better results by floating one or two pieces of non fusible tearaway under the hoop.
  2. Embroider the "Pretty Pansies" design.
  3. Remove from hoop. Remove all stabilizer. Press. Iron fusible webbing to wrong side of embroidered piece.
  4. Place one of the 10" X 15" wine colored fabric pieces in hoop. Embroider PEACE, LOVE AND JOY TO. Once embroidered, remove from hoop. Place the other 10" X 15" wine colored fabric piece in hoop. Embroider ALL WHO ENTER HERE. Remove from hoop. Trim both embroidered pieces 3" X 11". On each end of the embroidered strips, measure ½" from the embroidered word to the end of fabric piece. See illustration.

  5. Sew both strips together for one long strip. It should be 21" long.

  6. Sew the 2" X 5" strip of black fabric on both ends of the embroidered letter strips. Press the seams. Sew the 2" X 20" strip of black fabric to the bottom of the embroidered letter strip as illustrated.

  7. Trim the embroidered pansy piece as illustrated making sure the design is centered:

  8. Press the embroidered design on the 9" X 18" piece of wine colored fabric piece.

  9. Mark 1" following the arch of the embroidered piece as illustrated.

  10. Press fusible webbing on embroidered piece.
  11. Trim on the marked line.

  12. Trim the bottom.

  13. Fuse the embroidered piece on one of the 10" X 22" black fabric pieces.

  14. Place cutaway stabilizer to the wrong side of embroidered piece. Set machine to the widest zigzag stitch and the length should be close so it looks like a close satin zigzag stitch. Stitch on both arched edgesof the design.
  15. Mark 2" following the arch of the embroidered piece as illustrated.

  16. Trim on the marked line as illustrated.

  17. Center the embroidered lettering strip below the basket of pansies, and sew the strip to the embroidered piece as illustrated.

  18. Satin stitch along the top seam of the embroidered letter strip.
  19. Trim the ends to follow the arch to the bottom of the embroidered lettering strip.

  20. Place batting to the back of the remaining 10" X 22" black piece of fabric. (Lining)
  21. Place the right side of the embroidered piece to the right side of the black fabric piece with the batting. The order should be batting face down first. Black fabric face side up, embroidered fabric piece face side down.
  22. Using the embroidered trimmed piece as a pattern, sew around the embroidered piece to the batting and black lining piece, using approximately ½" seam allowance. Leave a 4" opening at the bottom. Trim corners.
  23. Turn inside out. Hand stitch opening. Sew a small ring to the center back side of wall hanging.


SINGER® and Quantum® are registered trademarks of the Singer Company Ltd. ©2006 Singer Sewing Company. All rights reserved.

Compatible Machines

  • XL-6000 QUANTUM®
  • CE-100 | FUTURA™
  • XL-150 | Quantum®
  • CE-200 | FUTURA™
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