Embroidered Recipe Holder with Embroidered Towel


This elegant embroidered recipe holder is beautiful as well as useful in the kitchen. It easily stores favorite recipes and includes a coordinating embroidered hand towel. The project measures approximately 22” x 15.”

Materials Needed

  • 1½ yards muslin
  • ½ yard print for lining
  • 1 yard iron-on tear-away stabilizer
  • 12” x 12” water soluble stabilizer
  • 9” x 14” square cotton batting
  • Two 10” lengths of coordinating green ribbon
  • Three 6” lengths of coordinating green ribbon
  • Five 1” purple buttons
  • Rafia
  • Off-white kitchen hand towel
  • 4” grapevine craft wreath
  • Washable marking pen
  • Off-white bobbin thread
  • Monofilament thread
  • Rayon embroidery threads:
    Four shades of green
    Four shades of purple
  • Darning Foot
  • Button Sewing Foot
  • Open Toe Foot


Fabric Preparation:

  1. For Panel A, cut one 9” x 24” muslin. Mark a vertical line in the center from top to bottom. Mark three horizontal lines 6”, 12”, and 18” measuring down from the top.
  2. For Panel B, cut one 9” x 24” muslin. Mark a horizontal line 1” from the top.
  3. For pockets (C), fold the 18 squares in half. Press folds. Mark a horizontal line 1” down from the fold on each pocket.
  4. For quilted block (D), mark vertical and horizontal lines 1½” apart, creating a grid.

Sewing Procedure: Embroidery

  1. Set machine for embroidery.
  2. Press stabilizer to the back side of the bottom of the towel. When placing towel in the hoop, also hoop the water soluble stabilizer on the right side of the towel.
  3. Embroider the grape design on the towel. Remove the stabilizer.
  4. On Panel A, stitch out one grape design, centering the design on the top intersecting line. Note: Mirror image the second grape design which will be sewn on the bottom intersecting line of Panel A.
  5. Using lettering in the machine or computer, program letters to spell out Favorite Recipes on two lines. The letters should be approximately 1” in height.
  6. Place cotton batting between both pieces of fabric “D." Embroider letters centering on fabric piece. Trim embroidered piece 9” x 9.”

Sewing Procedure: Stippling & Quilting

  1. Set machine from embroidery to regular sewing, replacing Embroidery Foot with the Darning Foot.
  2. Stipple around the embroidered grape designs on Panel A. It is not necessary to stipple the center, as this will be covered with the quilted block.
  3. Replace Darning Foot with the Open Toe Foot. Set machine for the Quilting Stitch. Using the marked lines as a guide on fabric (D), quilt on each line, both vertical and horizontally.
  4. Center quilted block between the embroidered grapes.
  5. Set machine for straight stitch. Pin the two 10” lengths of ribbon over the raw edges of the top and bottom of the quilted block. Stitch ribbon to Panel A.
  6. To sew pockets on to Panel B, place the fold of the first pocket along the marked line on Panel B.
  7. Set the machine for zig-zag stitch.
  8. Stitch the bottom of the pocket on Panel B.
  9. Take the next pocket and place the fold on the line of the first pocket.
  10. Stitch the bottom of the second pocket.
  11. Continue sewing the pockets until covering the length of Panel B, following the previous Steps 9 and 10.
  12. Sew Panel A and Panel B together. Press.
  13. Replace Open Toe Foot with the Button Sewing Foot. Sew on the five buttons, placing them in desired locations on Panel A. After buttons are sewn on, replace Button Sewing Foot with Standard Foot and set machine for straight stitching.
  14. Wrap the raffia around the buttons and tie raffia in a bow.
  15. Cut a piece of muslin 1” x 6”. Fold the muslin piece lengthwise ¼” on both sides toward center. Fold again and stitch along edge.
  16. Place the muslin strip through the 4” grapevine wreath. Baste the ends of the muslin strip on the corner of the pocket side.
  17. Take the three 6” lengths of ribbon and fold in half for tabs. Center the first tab in the seam of Panel A and Panel B. Center the remaining tabs 2” from the ends on each side.
  18. Use the front piece as a guide for cutting out the lining.
  19. Set machine for straight stitch. Sew the front and back pieces, right sides together leaving a 6” opening.
  20. Slip stitch opening. Press.
  21. Place the embroidered towel through the grapevine wreath.


SINGER® and Quantum® are registered trademarks of the Singer Company Ltd. © 2005 Singer Sewing Company. All rights reserved.

Compatible Machines

  • CE-100 | FUTURA™
  • XL-6000 QUANTUM®
  • XL-5000 QUANTUM®
  • XL-150 | Quantum®
  • CE-200 | FUTURA™
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