Pie Carrier Cover


Arrive in style with baked goods under the festive pie carrier cover. Use the same to cover cake, dip or cupcake carriers. The techniques used were embroidery, top-stitching, satin stitching and ruffling. Finished size of this pie carrier is 27.”

Materials Needed

  • "Cherry Blossom" embroidery design
  • 75” of 4” wide of solid red fabric
    (for ruffle)
  • 1 yard red checks fabric (backing)
  • ½ yard red check fabric (2 panels)
  • ½ yard of denim (for 2 panels)
  • Ruffler
  • Chromium needle size 14
  • (4) 8”x10” fusible tear-away
  • 2”x 6” fusible tear-away stabilizer
  • Rayon embroidery threads:
    (2) shades of green for leafs
    (3) shades of red for cherries
    dark brown for stems
  • Poly-cotton threads: Red


  1. Measure the pie carrier. For this example, use a total measurement of 25.”
  2. Create a 25” circle template.
  3. Using the template, cut the backing from the red check fabric.
  4. Divide the template into 4 panels.
  5. Cut 2 panels from the denim.
  6. Cut 2 panels from the red checks.
  7. Fuse the tear-away stabilizer to each panel.
  8. Embroider each panel with the Cherry design, centering the design.
  9. Remove the stabilizer.
  10. Join the panels with the overcastting stitch to create a circle.
  11. Draw a 1”x 5” rectangle on the center of the circle, to be used as an opening for the handle.
  12. Fuse the 2” x 6” tear-away stabilizer to the wrong side of the circle’s center.
  13. Fold and press the ruffle in half, lengthwise.
  14. Place the Ruffler on the machine.
  15. Attach the ruffle to the top circle section.
  16. Press the ruffle to the inside.
  17. Attach the red check backing to the front circle with a straight stitch, right sides together. Leave a 3” opening for turning.
  18. Finish raw edges of top circle, ruffle and backing.
  19. Turn fabric right side out and press.
  20. Slip stitch the opening closed.
  21. Top stitch between panels, if desired.
  22. Straight stitch around the outside of the rectangle, ¼” from the drawn line.
  23. Cut out the rectangle on the drawn line, to make an opening for the carrier’s handle.
  24. Zigzag the edges of the rectangle, to finish the raw edges. Press.
  25. Tie bow on handle.


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Compatible Machines

  • XL-6000 QUANTUM®
  • CE-100 | FUTURA™
  • XL-150 | Quantum®
  • CE-200 | FUTURA™
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