Hemstitched Table Topper


Create a lovely table topper that speaks of spring flowers. The project includes hemstitching by machine, use of decorative stitching and design placement using the SINGER® multi-hoop on the Quantum® XL-6000. For the Quantum® Futura™, templates will be printed out to aid in design placement.

Materials Needed

  • One yard soft yellow linen
  • Wing needle
  • SINGER® chromium needles size 12
  • Blank Smart Media card
  • PSW™ 2.00a
  • Water soluble stabilizer
  • "FlowerPot" embroider design
  • Robison-Anton® rayon embroidery thread:
    Cristy Blue #2383
  • All-purpose sewing thread to match linen fabric
  • Lightweight bobbin thread for embroidery
  • Air-soluble marking pen
  • Spray adhesive


  1. To ensure a straight edge, pull threads on the linen, then cut along the line to create a 36” square.
  2. Measure in 1¼” from each raw edge, and pull a thread as a guide for folding the hem.
  3. Fold under ¼” on each raw edge and press, then fold again along the line created when the thread was pulled.
  4. Press again.
  5. In order to form the miters, open out the last fold (hemline fold). Fold the cloth diagonally, so that two sides are aligned, and a 45° is formed. Pin in place.
  6. Place a mark at a 45° angle to the diagonal fold. See diagram below. This mark will be the stitching line.

  7. Repeat with remaining corners.
  8. Set machine up for regular sewing, with all-purpose thread in needle and bobbin.
  9. Stitch each corner miter, trim the seam allowance to ¼”, and finger press the seam open.
  10. Turn miter right side out, and pin in place.
  11. Insert wing needle in machine.
  12. For Quantum® XL-6000, from the Pink Stitch File Folders, select Folder #1, second row, first stitch. For the Futura™, select Stitch #12, length slide all the way up, and width slide about ¾ of the way down.
  13. Select the smallest size.
  14. Stitch all around the hem, having the straight stitches enter only the fabric, while the needle swing enters the fold of the hem.
  15. Change the needle back to the chromium size 12, and thread machine with blue rayon embroidery thread.
  16. For the Quantum® XL-6000, from the Pink Stitch File Folders, select Folder #10, fourth stitch from the left. Default length and width. For the Futura™, select Stitch #32, default length and width.
  17. On the fabric, measure in 1” from the hemstitching, and mark a line. The line should begin and end 4” in from the adjacent sides.
  18. Using the right edge of the “A” foot along the inside of the line, stitch the Cross-stitch pattern.
  19. Mark a 12” square centered on the fabric, and stitch the same pattern around it.
At the Computer (for Quantum® XL-6000):
  1. Open the "Flower Pot" design in the PSW™ 2.00a software.
  2. From the horizontal menu, click on File > Write to Converter.
  3. Double click on Smart Media > Save in New Page.
  4. Remove card from Converter Box and insert in machine.

At the Quantum® XL-6000:

  1. With the machine off, attach embroidery unit.
  2. Replace “A” foot with embroidery foot.
  3. Touch the Card icon.
  4. Select the Flower Pot design, and confirm.
  5. From the menu, touch the Multi-hoop icon.
  6. Touch yellow Return Arrow.
  7. Touch OK.
  8. Touch OK.
  9. On the fabric, draw a line in toward the center from each corner.
  10. Measure in 5” from the hemstitching at the corner, and draw a line crossing the first at a 90o angle. See diagram below. These lines will be the X and Y axis lines used for design placement.

  11. Hoop water soluble stabilizer in the large hoop, and spray lightly with spray adhesive.
  12. Adhere the marked corner of the fabric to the stabilizer. Pin near the hoop edges to secure.
  13. Attach hoop to the machine.
  14. Enter X and Y axis points in the machine.
At the Computer (for Futura™):
  1. Open "Flower Pot" design with Large Hoop selected.
  2. Click on File > Transmit to FUTURA machine.
  3. From the main menu, click on View > Show/Hide Grid.
  4. From the main menu, click on Tools > Set Grid Size.
  5. Enter the number 800 in the top box. This will create “crosshair lines” on the design.
  6. Print template from software, and use for placement – having the bottom edge of the flowerpot 2” in from the hemstitching at the corner, and the center vertical line aligned with the marking on the fabric.
At the Futura™:
  1. Stitch design.
  2. Repeat Steps 4 through 10 with remaining corners.
  3. Remove water soluble stabilizer according to the manufacturer’s instructions.


SINGER® and Quantum® are registered trademarks of the Singer Company Ltd. © 2005 Singer Sewing Company. All rights reserved.

Compatible Machines

  • XL-6000 QUANTUM®
  • CE-200 | FUTURA™
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