Embroidered Hot Dish Holder and Mitt


Taking a hot dish to an Easter gathering using this Hot Dish Holder will definitely be stylish! In addition, the coordinating mitt is a beautiful and functional accessory. A great gift to give to the host/hostess! Project measures approximately 16” square.

Materials Needed

  • ½ yard solid fabric
  • ½ yard print fabric
  • ½ yard muslin
  • 16” x 22” piece of cotton batting
  • One package decorative ½” bias binding
  • 1 yard decorative heavy ribbon
  • Washable marking pen
  • Off-white bobbin thread
  • Monofilament thread
  • Robison Anton rayon embroidery threads:
    Coordinating colors to sew the Easter basket design
  • Open Toe Foot


Fabric Preparation:
Hot Dish Holder

  1. Cut (1) 16” square out of the solid fabric.
  2. Using a marking pen, mark a 2½” grid lengthwise and crosswise on the solid piece.
  3. Cut (1) 16” square out of the batting, print, and muslin.
  4. Cut (2) 16” lengths of the heavy decorative ribbon.


  1. Cut (1) 5” x 10” piece out of solid fabric.
  2. Cut (1) 5” x 10” piece out of print fabric.
  3. Cut (1) 5” x 10” piece out of muslin.
  4. Cut (2) 4” x 10” pieces out of print fabric for pockets.
  5. Cut (2) 4” lengths of bias tape.

Sewing Procedure:
Hot Dish Holder

  1. Set Machine for regular sewing. Replace Standard Foot with the Open Toe Foot.
  2. Sandwich the cotton batting between the solid piece of fabric (which is marked with the grid lines) and the muslin, with muslin on the bottom.
  3. Thread the bobbin with the color to be used for the Quilting Stitch. Monofilament should be threaded in the needle.
  4. Quilt the solid piece, sewing the quilting stitch on the grid lines.


  1. Remove the standard arm and replace with the embroidery unit. Replace the Open Toe Foot with the Embroidery Foot.
  2. For the Hot Dish Holder, embroidery the Easter Basket design on both ends of the quilted piece. After sewing the first design, mirror image the design before it is sewn out again. Program the letters “Happy Easter” on two lines, either in the software program, or using the lettering built in the machine. See illustration:

  3. To embroider the mitt, sandwich the cotton batting between the solid fabric and the muslin.
  4. Hoop the fabric layers with the solid fabric on top. Embroider design in the center. See illustration:

  5. Remove the embroidery unit and Embroidery Foot. Replace with the standard arm and the Open Toe Foot.
  6. Sew the ends of the heavy ribbon on both sides of the quilted fabric piece. See illustration:

  7. Round the edges on each corner of the quilted piece.
  8. Place the quilted fabric on top of the print fabric, with the right side of the print fabric facing down. Using the quilted fabric as the pattern, round the corners of the print fabric.
  9. Sew the decorative binding around the quilted fabric and print lining.
  10. Select a decorative stitch and stitch along the edge of the decorative binding.
  11. Fold each pocket in half. See illustration:

  12. Sew the decorative binding on the folded edge.
  13. Round the edges on the solid embroidered piece. Round the edges on the pockets and the print lining, using the embroidered solid piece as the pattern.
  14. Place the pockets on top of the embroidered solid piece. The pockets may cover the embroidered design just a little.
  15. Place the print lining right sides together with the embroidered piece with the pockets.
  16. Sew together leaving a 4" opening.
  17. Turn right side out. Topstitch around the mitt. Note: It may be necessary to put an additional piece of batting in the mitt.


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Compatible Machines

  • XL-6000 QUANTUM®
  • CE-100 | FUTURA™
  • CE-200 | FUTURA™
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