Child's Quilted Jacket


Create the perfect Spring jacket for the little one in your life! Techniques used include editing the design in the PSW™, multi-hooping for placement, channel quilting, buttonholes and sewing on buttons.

Materials Needed

  • Unstructured jacket pattern in desired size
  • Navy Kona® cotton yardage as required for pattern
  • Lining fabric as required for pattern
  • Low-loft cotton batting as required for pattern
  • Navy all-purpose thread
  • SINGER® Chromium needles size 11 (available in our Notions Section)
  • Robison-Anton® Super Strength® rayon embroidery thread:
    - #2232 Ecru
    - #2235 Canary
    - #2233 Lipstick
    - #2328 Pumpkin
    - #2489 Wicker
  • Primary-colored buttons as required by pattern
  • Sulky® Blendables 30 wt. cotton thread - #4017 Lime Sherbet
  • "Flying Kites" embroidery design (free download available)
  • PSW™ 2.00a software
  • Blank Smart Media card
  • Spray adhesive
  • Chalk marking wheel
  • Button sewing foot


Fabric Preparation:

  1. Trace pattern pieces onto navy fabric, allowing about 1” extra all around to allow for shrinkage during quilting.
  2. Cut each pattern section so that it contains no more than 2 jacket pieces, for ease in handling during the quilting process.
  3. Cut batting pieces to correspond with the fabric pieces.
  4. On each fabric section, mark quilting lines vertically 1½” apart with the chalk wheel.
  5. Lightly spray a piece of batting with spray adhesive.
  6. Adhere the jacket fabric to the batting.

Sewing Procedure - Quilting:

  1. Wind a bobbin of navy thread and place in machine.
  2. Thread the needle with the Sulky® 30 wt. thread.
  3. Select stitch from the Green Stitch Folder #3, bottom row, third from left.
  4. Set stitch length at 3.0.
  5. Attach “A” foot.
  6. Quilt all lines as marked on fabric.
  7. Trace around the front pattern piece on the fabric, having the first quilted line at least 1” in from the front edge. Do not cut out yet.
  8. With the chalk wheel, mark a vertical line centered between the first two quilted lines. Note: left side for boys, right side for girls.
  9. Mark a horizontal line 3½” down from the neckline seamline.

At the Computer:

  1. In PSW™, open the Flying Kites embroidery design.
  2. Do not “convert to blocks."
  3. Click on No Image.
  4. On the horizontal menu bar, click on Edit> Select.
  5. Select the lasso tool.
  6. Use the arrow pointer to draw a line around the top kite and tail.
  7. Right click to highlight area.
  8. Click on the selected area, and the pointer will change to a 4-pointed arrow. Move the selected area upward about 1”, keeping it properly aligned.
  9. On the horizontal menu bar, select Modify>Dimensions.
  10. In the new window, the Units should be set to inches.
  11. Highlight the numbers beside the Y, and type in 5.75 for the new length.
  12. Place the Smart Media card into the Converter Box.
  13. On the horizontal menu bar, click on File>Write to Converter.
  14. Double click on Smart Media>Save in New Page.
  15. Remove card from Converter Box.

Sewing Procedure:

  1. Insert the card into the machine.
  2. Turn machine off and attach embroidery unit.
  3. Replace “A” foot with embroidery foot.
  4. Turn machine on.
  5. On the main screen, touch the Card icon.
  6. Highlight the design and confirm selection.
  7. On the top bar in the menu window, Touch the Hoop icon.
  8. Touch the Multi-Hoop icon.
  9. Touch Yellow Return Arrow.
  10. Touch OK.
  11. Touch OK.
  12. Touch Yellow Return Arrow.
  13. Hoop fabric.
  14. Attach hoop to embroidery arm.
  15. Enter X and Y axis points.
  16. Stitch first design section, using color order as listed in supply list.
  17. Remove fabric from hoop.
  18. Mark new horizontal line 6¼” below first one.
  19. Re-hoop and stitch the design. Note: Repeat Steps 17 through 19 as many times as necessary to accommodate the length of the jacket front.
  20. When embroidery is complete, remove fabric from hoop.
  21. Cut out all pattern and lining pieces.
  22. Turn off machine and remove embroidery unit.
  23. Replace embroidery foot with buttonhole foot.
  24. Assemble jacket as instructed in pattern, including lining.
  25. Buttonholes are placed as follows:
    Top buttonhole at right angles to front edge. Remaining buttonholes marked at a 45o angle – angling upward from the edge, and between each kite.
  26. Select buttonhole from Green Stitch Folder #2, top row, third from left.
  27. Change length to 0.3.
  28. Place button into front of buttonhole foot to determine length.
  29. Stitch all buttonholes as marked.
  30. Remove buttonhole foot, and attach button sewing foot.
  31. Select Zigzag stitch from green stitch folder #1, top row, third stitch from left.
  32. Set length at 0.0.
  33. Adjust width according to holes in buttons.
  34. Stitch each button in place. Note: to create shank, place large needle underneath the button before stitching.

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Compatible Machines

  • XL-6000 QUANTUM®
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