Christmas Beverage Bottle Gift Bag


This festive bag is quick and easy to create, and it will make holiday gift-giving extra special!

Materials Needed

  • Green silk dupioni –
    Cut – One - 13” x 14” (top)
    One – 2¼” x 14” (bottom)
  • Cream silk dupioni –
    Cut – One - 14” x 14” (center)
  • Red silk dupioni –
    Cut – Two – 1” x 14” (borders)
  • 1 yard thin decorative cording (red)
  • Robison Anton embroidery threads:
    - Olive Drab #2317
    - DH Green #2411
    - Taupe #2298
    - Candy Apple #2507
  • All-purpose thread to match green fabric
  • Tear-away stabilizer
  • ¼” quilting foot
  • "Christmas Ivy" Design


  1. Embroidery – Select the "Christmas Ivy" design.
  2. The embroidery will be placed in the center of ½ of the cream silk dupioni. To find the correct positioning, fold the fabric in half widthwise. Fold in half again widthwise, and then in half the other direction. Finger press lightly to crease the folds.

  3. Open up the folds and place the fabric with a piece of tear-away stabilizer behind it in the large sized hoop, placing the intersection of the folds in the center of the hoop.
  4. Sew the Christmas Ivy design in the center of the fabric.
    · Color One – Olive Drab
    · Color Two – DH Green
    · Color Three – Candy Apple
    · Color Four – Olive Drab
    · Color Five – DH Green
    · Color Six – Olive Drab
    · Color Seven – Taupe
    · Color Eight – Olive Drab
    · Color Nine – DH Green
    · Color Ten – Candy Apple
  5. Remove the stabilizer when finished embroidering. Press. Trim the fabric to 8” x 14”, centering the embroidery.
  6. Bag Construction: Thread the machine with the all-purpose thread. Set the machine for regular straight stitching. Attach the ¼” quilting foot. Note: all seams will be ¼” unless otherwise indicated. Seams may also be sewn with a serger, using ¼” serged seam for and quick and easy clean finish.
  7. Sew one of the 1” x 14” red border strip to the top edge of the embroidered piece.
  8. Sew the remaining red border strip to the bottom edge. Press seams towards the center.
  9. Sew the 2¼” x 14” green bottom piece to the red strip at the bottom edge. Press seam towards the center.
  10. Mark two placement lines for buttonholes on the green 13” x 14” top piece, about 1” from the sides and 1½” from the bottom edge.

  11. Sew a ½” buttonhole on each placement marking. Cut open the hole in the buttonholes.
  12. With wrong sides together, fold the top piece in half, bringing the top edge down to meet the bottom edge. Press.
  13. Keeping the raw edges of the top piece together, sew the raw edges of the top to the red border strip at the top edge of the embroidered fabric.
  14. With right sides together, fold the fabric in half lengthwise, bringing the sides and bottom together. Sew down the side and along the bottom edge.
  15. With bag wrong side out, fold bottom corner at side seams so side seam and bottom seam match. Sew across the corner, about ¾” from the point.

  16. Repeat for the other side.
  17. Turn bag right side out.
  18. Make a casing for the cording by stitching two rows parallel to the top red border. Both rows of stitching should touch the top and bottom ends of the buttonholes.
  19. Thread the cording into one buttonhole, through the casing and out the other buttonhole. Tie a knot at each end of the cording.

Compatible Machines

  • XL-6000 QUANTUM®
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