Continuous Hoop from Lace Memory Card

Continuous Hoop: Lace from the Lace Memory Card


Beautiful lace can be created with the embroidery machine, using the Continuous Hoop Attachment and Lace Memory Card. A single lace border segment can be imported into the PSW® 2.00a software, and automatically be turned into a Continuous Border design! Sew on organdy, organza or batiste to create lace edging for home decorating, heirloom projects and more. This instruction page tells how to create lace, such as that used in the illustrated project.

Materials Needed

  • Heavy water soluble stabilizer
  • PSW® 2.00a
  • Lace Memory Card #IX
  • Blank SmartMedia card
  • Threads as desired
  • Bobbin thread
  • Organdy fabric


Fabric Preparation:

  1. Cut a 5” strip of heavy water soluble stabilizer.
  2. Position the batiste on top of the stabilizer, and then place both in the Continuous Hoop Attachment.

At the Converter Box

Insert Lace Card #IX and a programmable SmartMedia Card into the appropriate slots of the Converter Box.

At the Computer

  1. Open the PSW® 2.00a program.
  2. File: New.
  3. Open Image Dialog Box: New.
  4. New Dialog Box: OK.
  5. File: Read from Converter.
  6. Open Design Box: click on ROM, and then wait for the designs to transfer from the Converter to the computer screen.
  7. Count down to the 21st design, and click on this design.
  8. Click on Open. The design should now appear horizontally on the screen.
  9. From the Main Menu, click on Modify: Dimensions.
  10. Click on the Rotation Arrow going towards the right. Enter 90 in the box below it to rotate the design 90 degrees. Click OK.
  11. From the Main Menu, click on Modify: Center Design.
  12. From the Vertical Tool Bar, select the Hoop icon, and then select the Continuous Hoop (50 x 120). Click OK.
  13. From the Main Menu, click on File: Write using Continuous Embroidery. Click on SmartMedia Card; Save in New Page.
  14. Wait for the data to be transferred to the SmartMedia Card.
  15. When the transfer is complete, click on OK in the Design Successfully Written box.
  16. Remove the SmartMedia Card from the Converter Box.

At the Quantum® XL-6000

  1. Insert the SmartMedia Card into the slot on the machine.
  2. Attach the Continuous Hoop to the Embroidery Unit.
  3. Touch the Continuous Hoop icon.
  4. Touch the Card icon.
  5. Select the Lace design.
  6. Touch the Layout icon.
  7. Touch the Layout OK icon.
  8. Thread the Quantum® XL-6000 machine.
  9. Embroider the design.
  10. When the design is finished, press the OK icon. Do not remove the hoop from the machine.
  11. Release the lever on the hoop.
  12. Slide the fabric strip backwards until the needle is directly at the point of the positioning "V" marker.
  13. Lower the needle into the point on the "V" marker.
  14. Clamp down the lever on the hoop and embroider the next design.
  15. Repeat the design until the desired length of the lace is embroidered.
  16. Trim away the excess fabric from the scalloped edge of the lace, being careful not to cut any of the stitching.
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