Multi-Hoop Antique Monogrammed Pillow


Now making large embroidery designs is easy!

Materials Needed

  • Taupe silk dupioni. Cut:
    One -16” x 16” (center)
    Four - 4” x 14” (borders)
    Two – 8” x 12½” (back)
  • 12” square pillow form
  • Low loft cotton batting (10” square)
  • ¼” satin ribbon (sage green)
  • Tear-away stabilizer
  • Robison-Anton® rayon embroidery thread:
    - Olive Drab #5617
    - Sand Dune #5777
    - French Toast #9086
    - Big Delight #9024
  • All-purpose thread
  • Monofilament thread
  • Temporary spray adhesive
  • ¼” quilting foot
  • Continuous Hoop and Memory Card #5006


  1. Multi-hoop pillow center: Attach the embroidery unit to the machine. From the Green embroidery folders, select folder 10, select the Rose Corner design (on the bottom row) four times. Press the Layout icon.
  2. From the Hoop menu, select the Multi-hoop function.
  3. Use the Rotation menu and the Move menu arrows to move the Rose designs to create a frame. Note: The ends of the designs should touch the X and Y lines on the screen.
  4. Press the Combine icon.
  5. Select the Large Monograms in the Pink folders. Select the Monogram, then select the smaller size. Press the Layout icon. Press the Layout icon again to sew out the design.
  6. Move the hoop on the screen over the left portion of the design. Press OK.
  7. Mark a line down the center of the 16” x 16” taupe silk (the Y line) and another line across the center (the X line). Place a piece of stabilizer under the silk. Hoop up the fabric and stabilizer, positioning the X and Y lines in the hoop as suggested on the screen. Attach the hoop to the embroidery arm. Press OK.
  8. Enter the two Y points and the X point. Sew out the design. (The sample in the photograph was embroidered with a combination of earth tone colors; the colors were just alternated to create an antique look.)
  9. Sew the remaining two parts of the design using the multi-hoop function. Use the green for the monogram.
  10. Remove the stabilizer. Trim to a 10” square, centering the embroidery.
  11. Lightly spray the batting with the spray adhesive. Place the embroidered center on top of the batting.
  12. Continuous Hoop border: Attach the Continuous Hoop. Insert Memory Card #5006 into the slot in the machine. Touch the Continuous Hoop icon. Touch the Card icon. Select folder #9, select the 3rd design a 4” strip of silk and a piece of tear-away underneath it in the Continuous Hoop. Sew out the design. When the design is finished sewing, release the clamp. Slide the fabric backward so that the needle lands in the positioning “V”. Re-engage the clamp. Sew the design again. Continue to sew the same design two more times. Repeat with the remaining 4” silk strips.
  13. Remove the stabilizer. Trim the strip to 1½” wide, centering the embroidery.
  14. Pillow construction: Remove the embroidery unit. Thread the machine with the all-purpose thread. Attach the ¼” foot. Note: seams will be ¼” unless otherwise specified.
  15. Sew the border strips to the edges of the pillow center, mitering the corners.
  16. Attach the free-motion embroidery foot. Lower the feed dogs. Thread the needle with the monofilament thread. Select the Straight Stitch, center needle position.
  17. Stippling: Sew small meandering stitches, around the monogram.
  18. Using a Straight Stitch, sew the satin ribbon along the seam of the center and the border strips.
  19. Rethread the machine with the all- purpose thread. Narrowly hem one long edge of each of the 8” x 12½” back pieces.
  20. Overlap the hemmed edges so that when put together they make a 12½” square. Pin.
  21. Place the right side of the pillow front to the pillow back. Pin. Sew, using a ¼” seam. Turn right side out. Insert the pillow form.

Compatible Machines

  • XL-6000 QUANTUM®
  • XL-5000 QUANTUM®
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