“Witchy” Hostess Apron


Celebrate Halloween and be the “hostess extraordinaire” wearing this great “witchy” apron. Techniques used include embroidery design centering, buttonholes, the Patented Quilting Stitch, Continuous Hoop and editing embroidery designs to isolate and separate elements.

Materials Needed

  • Butterick 4024 pattern (view B)
  • Yardage of orange Kona® cotton fabric, as required by pattern
  • Fusible tear-away stabilizer
  • 9” x 14” rectangle Sheer Mesh® cut-away stabilizer
  • 2½” wide strips of fusible tear-away stabilizer
  • Two 4” squares self-adhesive tear-away stabilizer
  • Spray adhesive for embroidery
  • 1½ yards black eyelash fringe
  • Black 40 wt. rayon embroidery thread
  • Black bobbin thread
  • All-purpose sewing thread to match apron fabric
  • 2 black buttons
  • Black all-purpose sewing thread
  • "Wandering Witch" embroidery design (free download)
  • Quantum® XL-6000 machine
  • Continuous Hoop attachment
  • PSW® 2.00a software
  • Blank SmartMedia card
  • 80/11 Chromium needle
  • Air-soluble marking pen


  1. Cut out apron as directed on pattern except for bib sections.
  2. In addition to apron pieces, cut one strip 4" x 45" for hem facing.
  3. Cut one 8½" x 13½" rectangle of orange Kona cotton (for one bib).
  4. Assemble pockets as directed in pattern.

At the Computer

  1. Download the witch.xxx design.
  2. Open the design in PSW® 2.00a.
  3. From the vertical toolbar, left click on the select tool.
  4. From the horizontal tool bar, left click on the outline icon.
  5. "Draw" a line around the first moon element of the design, and left click to select it.
  6. Click on Edit>Copy.
  7. From the horizontal menu bar, left click on File>New.
  8. From the horizontal menu bar, left click on Edit>Paste to place the copy on the screen.
  9. When satisfied with placement, right click to unselect.
  10. Toggle back to the original screen, select the next item, which is a star, and click on Edit>Copy as before.
  11. Toggle back to the second screen and paste this design element twice.
  12. Select the moon design on this screen, copy and paste it again.
  13. Select a star design, copy and paste it as before.
  14. On the vertical tool bar, left click on the Hoop icon.
  15. From the drop down menu, select the Continuous Hoop.
  16. Beginning with the first moon, place it near the top of the hoop.
  17. Place two stars beneath it, then place another moon, and the last star. These design elements should be evenly spaced inside the hoop area.
  18. Experiment with placement and rotation of elements until satisfied.
  19. Place a blank SmartMedia card in the card slot of the Converter Box.
  20. Left click on File/Write Using Continuous Embroidery.
  21. From this same design, select, copy and paste one moon into a new design screen.
  22. Repeat with one star element.
  23. Write each design to the SmartMedia card.


  1. Lightly spray the Sheer Mesh stabilizer with spray adhesive and adhere to the wrong side of the orange rectangle.
  2. Hoop the two pieces as one, using the large hoop.
  3. Remove regular sewing foot and attach embroidery foot.
  4. Turn machine off and attach embroidery unit.
  5. Thread needle with black rayon embroidery thread.
  6. Use black bobbin thread in bobbin.
  7. Insert SmartMedia card into slot on the machine.
  8. Touch the card pictogram on the machine.
  9. Select the original "witch" design.
  10. Confirm the selection.
  11. Attach hoop to embroidery arm.
  12. Lower presser foot and embroider design on orange fabric.
  13. Remove hoop from machine and unhoop fabric.
  14. Move fabric guide on Continuous Hoop to the far right, and attach the hoop to the machine.
  15. Trash the previous design.
  16. Touch Continuous Hoop pictogram.
  17. Touch card pictogram.
  18. Select continuous hoop design and confirm.
  19. Adhere fusible tear-away stabilizer strips to wrong side of apron skirt, placing them about 2" above raw edge.
  20. Insert the hem area of the apron skirt into the Continuous Hoop so that the raw edge (bottom) is against the fabric guide, and the side edge is just under the end of the clamp.
  21. Close hoop and stitch design section across the bottom of the apron skirt.
  22. Remove skirt from hoop and set aside.
  23. Adhere stabilizer strips to wrong side of one waistband piece.
  24. Center the strip in the Continuous Hoop, and adjust fabric guide accordingly.
  25. Embroider the design 4 times on the waistband piece.
  26. Remove Continuous Hoop from machine and unhoop fabric; set aside.
  27. Trash the Continuous Hoop design.
  28. Touch card pictogram and select either the single star or moon.
  29. Remove release sheet from one 4" square self-adhesive stabilizer, and adhere the stabilizer to the bottom of the smallest hoop.
  30. Place one pocket so that the point is centered vertically, and the horizontal centering marks are approximately 1" above the tip of the point (see diagram).

  31. Embroider one star or moon on each pocket tip.


  1. Turn machine off and remove embroidery unit.
  2. Replace embroidery foot with regular sewing foot.
  3. From the Green stitch file folders, select folder 3, second row, third stitch from left.
  4. Stitch length = 3.0.
  5. Wind bobbin with black thread.
  6. Place orange thread in needle.
  7. Center pattern piece for bib over embroidery on 8½" x 13½" rectangle, and cut out (leave stabilizer in place for extra body).
  8. Cut out bib lining.
  9. Align eyelash fringe along bottom edge of apron skirt and pin in place.
  10. Turn under ¼" on one long edge of 4" x 45" strip. Place right sides together at apron hem, aligning raw edges. Trim ends of strip to match apron sides.
  11. Stitch in place.
  12. Trim corners and turn right side out.
  13. On skirt sides, turn under ¼" and press. Turn under ?" and press.
  14. Stitch side and bottom hems in place, stitching right along the folded edge.
  15. Construct remainder of apron as instructed in pattern directions.
  16. Topstitch apron collar, tie ends and bib, using Patented Quilting Stitch.
  17. Attach pockets to apron skirt, using Patented Quilting Stitch.
  18. Change needle and bobbin thread to orange.
  19. Attach buttonhole foot.
  20. From Green stitch file folders, select folder 2, first row, second from left.
  21. Adjust buttonhole foot for button size.
  22. Stitch one buttonhole on each pointed end of the apron collar.

Compatible Machines

  • XL-6000 QUANTUM®
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