Apron with Embroidered Pocket


This simple project is easy and fun to do. Wear it in the kitchen, or even while doing garden work! It is also a quick gift idea.

Materials Needed

  • Purchased apron
  • Mesh screening 15” x 18”
  • Extra-wide double-fold bias tape
  • "Busy Bee" embroidery design
  • Chromium needles size 14
  • Optional – large rickrack for added embellishment
  • Robison Anton rayon embroidery threads:
    Black #2296
    Pale Yellow #2557
    Merit Gold #2463
    Dark Brown #2372
    Brite Yellow #2396
    Spring Garden #2551
    Natural White #2342
    Bobbin thread
  • All-purpose thread to match binding


Fabric Preparation and Set-Up:

  1. Carefully hoop mesh screening in largest hoop available.
  2. Set-up machine for embroidery. Turn off machine and remove sewing bed and replace with embroidery arm. Attach embroidery foot.
    Note: Hooping too tightly may leave an impression of the hoop on the mesh.

Importing and Editing Design in Machine:

  1. At the computer, open the design into the largest hoop available. If the software allows, position desired number of bees in hoop.
  2. Send design to machine for embroidery.

Sewing Procedure: Embroidery

  1. Place hoop on machine and thread with first color listed. Continue sewing out design with threads as listed.
    Note: It may be necessary to re-hoop the mesh screening to embroider desired number of bees, depending on machine used.
  2. When embroidery is complete, remove the hoop from the machine. Unhoop mesh screening and trim threads.

Sewing Procedure: Binding and Finishing

  1. Turn off machine and remove embroidery unit. Replace sewing bed and regular foot.
  2. Round the corners of the pocket (this makes sewing the binding easier). Fold mesh screening in half, pin, and trim corners to match apron bottom.
  3. Thread machine needle and bobbin with matching thread.
  4. Open bias binding and insert side of mesh “pocket” into the binding and refold bias binding.
  5. Edge stitch around sides and bottom.
    Note: If pocket is a square, miter corners.
  6. Cut piece of bias binding ½” longer than top of pocket. Insert “pocket” top into binding as above and fold under ¼” on each end. Edge stitch in place.
  7. Position pocket on apron front. Pin in place. Edge stitch in place, reinforce seam at upper edge of pocket.
  8. If desired, sew several rows of rickrack across bib of apron to embellish.

Option: If making a garden apron, one alternative is to stitch one or more vertical seams through the pocket to compartmentalize it.

Compatible Machines

  • XL-6000 QUANTUM®
  • XL-150 | Quantum®
  • SES2000 | FUTURA™
  • CE-350 | FUTURA™
  • CE-250 | FUTURA™
  • CE-150 | FUTURA™
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