Felt Bag with Feather Appliques


Project for Singer Featherweight

Materials Needed

  • 24” x 56” white felt or similar-type firm fabric (for sewing bag in double thickness, 48” x 56” is required)
  • 6” felt in magenta, pink, etc., for appliqué shapes
  • 31” bamboo stick – approximately 1” in diameter for carrying handles
  • Threads to match bag fabric and appliqué fabrics



  1. Cut out the bag from one continuous piece of fabric – 41½” long by 16½” wide. If the chosen fabric is too soft, double the amount of fabric will be required. In this case, cut the bag out twice. If necessary, for additional reinforcement, the fabric pieces can be stabilized with an fusible stabilizer.
  2. Cut out two side pieces – 11” x 7½” (if the fabric has to be doubled, these pieces must be cut out twice).
  3. From the 41½” x 16½” rectangle, cut out circles for the grip, approximately 5½” in diameter.
  4. Transfer the feather motif onto the felt – six times for each side of the bag.
    (See attached feather motif pattern.)

Sewing Procedure:

  1. Stitch around the cut out circles for the grip, using Zigzag Stitch B. If using double thickness, place the 2 layers together and treat as a single piece.
  2. If using fabrics that tend to fray, hem the two 16½” sides.
  3. Use Overedge Stitch D to finish the upper raw edges of the two separate side pieces.
  4. Fold the edges inward approximately ½” and stitch the hem with Straight Stitch A.
  5. Arrange the feathers on the bag front and back, and pin in place.
  6. Using the Stretch Straight Stitch A, topstitch along the center of each feather. Pull thread ends to the back and tie. For this step, use a contrasting thread color.
  7. Stitch the narrow side of each side piece onto the bag bottom. If using felt, the seam allowances point outward, and do not need to be finished. If woven fabric is used, the seam allowances are inside and must be finished with the Overedge Stitch D.
  8. Stitch all side seams, and then turn the bag right side out.
  9. To further stabilize the bag, topstitch along all side and bottom seams on the outside of the bag using a ¼” width.
  10. Using Overedge Stitch D, finish the raw edges of the bag above the seams.
  11. Turn the edges under approximately ¼” and stitch the hem using the Straight Stitch A.
  12. Turn the ends inward along the fold line and stitch using the Straight Stitch A.
  13. Cut the bamboo into 2 15-1/5” long pieces. Smooth the cut edges and push them through the tunnel formed in Step 12.
  14. If desired, add additional support to the bottom of the bag with a piece of cardboard.

Compatible Machines

  • 118 | Featherweight II®
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