Victorian Bellpull


This beautiful Victorian bellpull will add a touch of elegance to any entryway. The Multiple-hoop feature of the Quantum® XL-6000 provides for easy positioning of the embroideries. Decorative stitches frame the design.

Materials Needed

  • ¾ yard burgundy silk dupioni –
    Two – 1½” x 45” strips (Borders)
    One – 8” x 23” (Back)
    One 8” x 3” (Rod sleeve)
  • Cream silk dupioni – (10” x 24”)
  • Low loft cotton batting – (8” x 23”)
  • Tassel
  • 11” dowel
  • ¾ yard decorative thin cording
  • Robison Anton Rayon Embroidery threads:
    Olive Drab #2317 (2 spools)
    Dark. Maroon #2376
  • All-purpose thread, burgundy
  • YLI monofilament thread (clear)
  • ¼” quilting foot
  • Tear-away stabilizer
  • "Lovely Lace" Design
  • Instructions

    1. Embroidery: Prepare the Quantum® XL-6000 for embroidery.
    2. sing a water soluble marker, mark the X and Y axis lines on the 10” x 24” cream silk by drawing a line going across the center of the fabric both vertically and horizontally.
    3. At the machine, select the Lace Design, twice. Select multi-hoop. Move one of the designs up all the way towards the top of the embroidery area. Rotate the other design 180 degrees, and move it all the way to the bottom of the embroidery area. Select a large monogram from the Pink folders. Place the letter in the center of the embroidery area.
    4. Embroider the design on the fabric using the multi-hoop feature. Note: use the Olive drab thread for the monogram and for color #1 of the lace design, and the Dk. Maroon thread for color #2 of the lace design.
    5. Remove the fabric from the hoop. Remove the stabilizer from the fabric.
    6. Trim the embroidered piece, centering the embroidery as follows:

      Trim away:
      · 10” above the X line
      · 10½” below the X line
      · 3” along each side of the Y line
      · From the lower center to 4½” up from each side

    7. Prepare the machine for regular sewing. Thread the machine with the all-purpose thread and attach the ¼” quilting foot. Note: all seams will be ¼” unless otherwise specified.
    8. Borders: With right sides together, sew one end of a 1½” x 45” border strip to one of the sides of the embroidered piece. Press seam towards the border strip. Trim excess strip even with the angle of the fabric. Sew another portion of the strip to the opposite side of the fabric, press, trim excess even with the angle of the fabric. Repeat this process for the two bottom sides, and the top edge of the fabric, using both border strips as necessary.
    9. Decorative stitching: Thread both spools of Olive Drab thread through the needle. From the Pink stitch folders, select folder #7, stitch #3. Attach the clear foot “I”. Place stabilizer underneath the fabric. Line up the edge of the foot with the seam line of the cream silk, stitch on the cream silk, around all sides.
    10. Stippling: Remove the stabilizer. Attach the free-motion embroidery foot, lower the feed dogs. Place the embroidered fabric on top of one of the batting pieces. To stipple quilt: sew tiny, meandering, free-motion stitches, around the embroidered area. Trim batting even with the border fabric.
    11. Place the embroidered/batting piece on top of the backing fabric, right sides together. Trim the back to match the top.
    12. Attach the tassel to the point at the bottom.
    13. Sew the backing to the top, right sides together, using a ¼” seam, leaving an opening at the top for turning. Clip corners. Turn to the right side out. Slipstitch opening closed.
    14. Press under ½” on the short ends of the rod sleeve. Press under ¼” on the long edges of the rod sleeve.
    15. Hand sew the rod sleeve to the top edge of the backing fabric.
    16. Insert the dowel through the rod sleeve. Tie the cording around the ends of the dowel.

Compatible Machines

  • XL-6000 QUANTUM®
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