“Embroidery in Blue” Tissue Box Cover


Beautiful blue embroideries and decorative stitches are combined to create this lovely tissue box cover.

Materials Needed

  • Large tissue box - 4½” x 9½” x 4¾”
  • Fabrics –
    White cotton – 18” x 18” square
    Blue floral print – 21” x 16”
  • ¾ yard of ¼” wide elastic
  • Robison-Anton® polyester embroidery thread:
    Royal #5510
  • All-purpose thread
  • Tear-away stabilizer
  • Liquid seam sealant
  • Corner scroll embroidery design



1. Fabric Preparation - Using a water-soluble marker, mark a 10” square in the center of the 18” white cotton piece. Mark a line diagonally across the square from one corner to the other. Repeat with the other two corners. Mark a line 3” from the corner of the square, on both ends of one of the diagonal lines.Mark a 1” x 4½” rectangle in the center of the other diagonal line. Place the stabilizer under the fabric.

2. Scallops - Thread the machine with the blue embroidery thread. Attach the clear-view “I” foot. From the Purple stitch folders, select folder #7, the first stitch. Press the 1X icon until it says 4X, press the repeat icon, change the stitch length to .30 by pressing the “white glove” icon on the bottom row of icons. Stitch the scallops along the 10” square.
3. Cross-stitching - From the Pink stitch folders, select folder #9, the last stitch. Stitch the cross-stitch pattern ½” inside the scallops. Stitch the cross-stitch pattern around the 1” x 4½” marked rectangle in the center.


1. Attach the embroidery unit to the machine. Bring the corner scroll embroidery "Beautiful Border" into the layout area. Select the medium hoop. Rotate the design 225 degrees.
2. Hoop the fabric to sew the embroidery at one of the corners of the white cotton. Note: Use the diagonal line and the 3” marking to center the design.
3 . Sew the embroidery.
4 . Repeat with the other corner.
5 . Remove the stabilizer. Apply the seam sealant to the wrong side of the scallops. Let it dry. Trim away the fabric close to the scalloped stitching, being careful not to cut the stitching.
6 . Using a water-soluble marker, mark a ½” x 3½” rectangle inside of the cross-stitched rectangle, on the wrong side of the fabric.


1. Remove the embroidery unit. Thread the machine with the all-purpose thread. Select a straight stitch, 2mm in length.
2. Using a water-soluble marker, mark the lengthwise center, on the wrong side of the blue floral print fabric. Mark a line 5¾” from each side of the fabric. Mark a diagonal line from each corner to the intersection of the lines. Note: The diagonal lines will be the fold lines for Step #17.

3. Place the right side of the embroidered white cotton to the wrong side of the blue floral fabric, centering the cross-stitched rectangle on the center line of the blue floral fabric. Pin.
4. Stitch along the ½” x 3½” marking.
5 . Cut down the center of the stitching, clipping up to each of the corners. Bring the white cotton through the hole so that the right side is facing out. Press.
6 . With right sides together, bring the corners of the blue floral print together, folding the fabric along the fold lines. Pin. Stitch along the lines from the edge of the fabric to the point. Trim excess fabric. Overcast seams using a zigzag to finish.
7 . Press under ¼” along the bottom edge.
8 . From the Green stitch folders, select folder #1, the first stitch of the last row. Apply the elastic to the inside of the folded edge, by stretching the elastic taut while sewing, and stitching down the center of the elastic. Clip off excess elastic.

Compatible Machines

  • XL-6000 QUANTUM®
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