Tall Ship Pillow


Any man is sure to enjoy this handsome pillow, suitable for the office or den. The techniques used to create this project include machine embroidery, “stitch stacking”, using decorative stitches from the machine, zipper insertion, and fringing. The finished size of the pillow is 17” square, including the fringe.

Materials Needed

• 14” pillow form
• ¾ yard burlap
• 14” zipper
• “Tall Ships” embroidery design
• Blank Smart Media design card
• 10” x 15” rectangle of lightweight tear-away stabilizer
• Chalk wheel or pencil for marking
• All-purpose sewing thread (to match burlap)
• Robison-Anton® rayon embroidery threads (to be used in this order):
  1. Eggshell #2343
  2. Best Brown #2566
  3. Ultra Blue #2433
  4. Wicker #2489
  5. Light Cocoa #2478
  6. Russet #2252
  7. Dark Brown #2372
  8. Teal #2309
  9. Pro Teal #2621
  10. Brown #2251
  11. Evergreen #2315
  12. Charcoal #2265
  13. Ash #2341
  14. Old Gold #2201
• Robison-Anton® 25-weight cotton threads:
  1. Eggshell #32343
  2. Brown #32251
• 3 yards 1/8” wide satin ribbon (extra is allowed for practice)
• Singer chromium needles size 14


At the Computer
1. Open the PSW 2.00a.
2. From the horizontal toolbar, left click on File, then Open.
3. Left click on “tall ships.psw” file, then OK.
4. Click on No Image.
5. From the horizontal toolbar, click on Edit, then Select.
6. Click on the Select All icon in the horizontal toolbar to select the entire design.
7. Rotate the design 90 degrees.
8. Right click, and then left click on Finish.
9. On the horizontal toolbar, left click on File, then Save.
10. Insert the blank Smart Media card into the right slot on the Converter Box.
11. On the horizontal toolbar, left click on File: Write to Converter.
12. Left click on Smart Media, then Save in New Page, then click OK.
13. When design has been written onto the card, remove the card from the Converter Box.

At the Machine
1. Attach the embroidery unit.
2. Attach the embroidery foot.
3. Turn the machine on.
4. Insert the Smart Media card containing the design.
5. Touch the Card pictogram on the display.
6. Touch the design and confirm.

1. Find the center of the 20” square by folding it in half first one way, then the other, finger pressing the crease to mark.
2. Hoop the fabric with the stabilizer, centering the markings.
3. Embroider the design, following the color order as given in the supply list. Note: Jump stitches should be trimmed between colors.
4. When the embroidery is complete, remove it from the hoop and tear the excess stabilizer from the back.
5. Press lightly from the wrong side to remove any hoop marks.
6. Mark a 14” square on the fabric right side, keeping the design centered. Note: This will be the seamline when the pieces are joined.
7. Mark a second square 2” inside the first.
8. Turn the machine off and remove the embroidery unit.
9. Replace the embroidery foot with the “A” foot.
10. Wind bobbin with all-purpose thread.
11. Thread the needle with 25-wt. Eggshell cotton thread.
12. From the Pink stitch folders, select #6, and then select the third stitch pattern from the left – default length and width.
13. Stitch this pattern on the inside marked square.
14. Thread the needle with the 25-wt. Brown cotton thread.
15. Use the edge of the previous stitching as a guide, placing the edge of the foot at the outside edge of the previous row. Stitch all around the first square, creating a second darker frame.
16. From the Green stitch folders, select tab #1, then the third pattern from the left on the bottom row.
17. Stitch one row of this pattern right up against the edge of the Eggshell colored stitching (the edge between the 2 colors). Set this piece aside.
18. Clean-finish one long edge of each 12” x 20” rectangle, and then fold under a ¾” hem and press.
19. Thread the needle with all-purpose thread.
20. Stitch both ends, creating a seam, leaving a 13” opening.
21. Attach the Zipper foot.
22. Stitch the zipper in place.

Pillow Construction
1. Attach the “A” foot.
2. Place the front and back pillow pieces together, meeting the wrong sides. Note: They will be trimmed to size later.
3. Stitch the two pieces together, using a straight stitch, following the marking for the 14” square.
4. Trim the two layers as one, 1½” outside the seamline.
5. Thread the machine with the 25-wt. Brown cotton thread.
6. From the Pink stitch folders, select tab #2 and the last pattern on the right of the bottom row.
7. Pin the burgundy ribbon over the seamline, covering the first stitching line.
8. Stitch the decorative pattern over the ribbon, so that the inside part of the zigzag enters the ribbon on each side.
9. To create the fringe, start on one side at the outside of the raw edge, and simply remove the long threads into the seamline.
10. Repeat this process on all four sides and on both layers.
11. When complete, insert the 14” pillow form.

Compatible Machines

  • XL-5000 QUANTUM®
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