Embroidered Baby Blanket


What mother wouldn’t enjoy this lovely embroidered baby blanket as a gift? Enjoy making an heirloom while using machine embroidery and adding a simple contrasting binding with decorative stitching.

Materials Needed

· Large Hoop
· 1 1/8 yards waffle-weave cotton or other suitable fabric
· ½ yard contrasting fabric
· 9” x 14” piece of tear-away stabilizer
· All-purpose sewing thread
· Water-soluble marker
· Spray adhesive
· Quilter’s rule
· Rotary cutter and mat
· Robison-Anton® rayon embroidery threads:

  1. 2297 - Snow White
  2. 2324 - Chinese Yellow
  3. 2282 - Flite Green
  4. 2413 - Flesh Pink
  5. 2511 - Illusion
  6. 2300 - Ice Blue


At the Computer
1. Open the PSW 2.00a software and insert the smart media card into correct slot on the Converter Box.
2. From the Main Menu click on Open.
3. The Open design dialog box appears. Click the down arrow to the right of the drive box, click on the drive that contains the desired design.
4. Click on the desired design file.
5. Click OK.
6. In the Open image dialog box, click on Cancel. The design is now on the screen.
7. From the Main Menu click on File; Write to Converter.
8. When the Save Design dialog box opens, click on the Smart Media icon.
9. Click on Save in New Page.
10. Remove the Smart Media card from the Converter Box.

1. Cut a square piece of fabric 37 inches by 37 inches.
2. To center design in corner of blanket, draw a line with water-soluble marker, 5 inches from each edge of one corner.
3. Hoop stabilizer. Spray stabilizer and fabric with temporary spray adhesive. Place fabric in hoop, centering as closely as possible.

At the Machine
1. Attach the embroidery foot.
2. While the machine is off, install the embroidery unit.
3. Insert the smart media card into the Quantum XL-5000.
4. Turn the machine on.
5. Touch the introductory screen.
6. Touch OK to allow the carriage to move into the starting position.
7. Touch Smart Media icon on the lower right of the screen.
8. Touch desired design.
9. Touch Enter key.
10. Touch Editing Box. Use positioning arrows to center the hoop.
11. Touch the Return Arrow.
12. Touch OK.
13. Lower the presser foot and touch the green light to stitch the embroidery design.
14. Stitch in following color sequence:
#1 - Flite Green #2282
#2 - Flesh Pink #2413
#3 - Snow White #2297
#4 - Illusion #2511
#5 - Snow White #2297
#6 - Ice Blue #2300
#7 - Snow White #2297
#8 - Chinese Yellow #2324
15. Remove stabilizer.
16. Using a circular guide, round off all corners. (Note: A small plate or plastic lid will make this task a snap).

Sewing Procedure: Binding
1. Cut 3½” bias strips of contrasting fabric.
2. Join short edges of bias strips at right angles. With water-soluble marker, draw a line from corner to corner; this is the stitching line.
3. Stitch seam; trim the seam allowance to ¼ inch; press seam open.
4. Fold the bias strip in half lengthwise with wrong sides together, making sure edges are aligned. Press.
5. Pin raw edges of binding to wrong side of blanket. (Note: Take care not to stretch the binding around the corners; this will cause cupping at the corners.)
6. Stitch using a ½” seam allowance and straight stitch length 2.0.
7. Fold bias strip to the right side of the blanket. (Note: Some trimming of seam allowance may be necessary). Select the Pink stitch folder 1: row 1; third stitch from left. Engage the 2X button and select the center diamond for medium size. Stitch around the blanket.

Compatible Machines

  • XL-5000 QUANTUM®
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