Asian Fan Placemat


With the use of embroidery and decorative stitches, create this Asian-inspired placemat that will enhance any table setting. Finished size is 15” x 20”.

Materials Needed

  • ½ yard of 45” cotton or other suitable fabric for each placemat
  • ½ yard low loft batting for each placemat
  • 2½ yards of 1/8” ribbon for each placemat
  • Water-soluble or chalk marker
  • Temporary spray adhesive
  • Quilter’s rule
  • Large tapestry needle
  • Thread:
    Black all-purpose thread
    Robison-Anton® polyester - Red #5563


1. Cut two pieces of background fabric 16” x 21”.
2. Cut one piece of batting 16” x 21”.
3. Using a water-soluble or chalk marker, mark the center of one piece of background fabric in both directions.
4. Secure batting to wrong side of fabric with a temporary spray adhesive.
5. Hoop fabric and batting.

At the Computer (The sample in the photo shows the design slightly enlarged. Follow the directions below for modifying the design as shown in the sample, if desired.)
1. Open the PSW 2.00a software and insert the smart media card into the correct slot.
2. From the Main Menu, click on Open.
3. The Open Design dialog box appears. Click the down arrow to the right of the drive box, then click on the drive that contains the Asian Fan design.
4. Click on the Asian Fan file.
5. Click OK.
6. In the Open Image dialog box, click on Cancel. The design is now on the screen.
7. From the Main menu, click on Modify; click on Dimensions.
8. When the Dimensions dialog box opens, type 5.00 in the X-axis box. (This will automatically change the y dimension to. 3.88.)
9. Type 90 in the Rotation Box.
10. Click OK.
11. From the Main Menu, click on File; click on Write to Converter.
12. When the Save Design dialog box opens, click on the Smart Media icon.
13. Click on Save in New Page.

At the Machine
1. Attach the embroidery foot.
2. Install the embroidery unit making sure that the machine is off.
3. Insert the smart media card into the Quantum XL-5000.
4. Turn the machine on.
5. Touch the Introductory Screen.
6. Touch OK to allow the carriage to move into the starting position.
7. Touch Smart Media icon on the lower right of the screen.
8. Touch Fan design.
9. Touch Enter key.
10. Touch Editing Box. Use Positioning Arrows to center the hoop.
11. Touch the Return Arrow.
12. Touch OK.
13. Lower the presser foot and touch the green light to stitch the embroidery design.

Sewing Procedure
1. Pin embroidered piece to second piece of background fabric, right sides together.
2. Use a ½ “ seam allowance; stitch around all edges leaving an opening large enough to turn the placemat right side out.
3. Trim excess batting from seam allowance and trim corners at an angle.
4. Turn placemat right side out.
5. Press.
6. Hand stitch opening closed.
7. With a water-soluble or chalk marker, draw a guide-line 2” from each edge.
8. Thread needle and bobbin with black all-purpose thread.
9. Select Pink Folder 1; row 2; third stitch from left. Engage 2X.
10. Place the left side of presser foot ”I” on the drawn line and stitch a row of decorative stitches on all four sides of placemat.
11. Weave ribbon through the line of decorative stitching with a large tapestry needle.
12. Fold under the edges of the ribbon and stitch the ends of the ribbon at the edge of placemat to secure them in place.

Compatible Machines

  • CE-150 | FUTURA™
  • CE-250 | FUTURA™
  • CE-350 | FUTURA™
  • SES2000 | FUTURA™
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