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Overall Rating:

Pros: Good Value, Great Features, Easy To Use, High Quality

5 out of 5 people found this helpful.

I bought this as a backup sewing machine for my Pfaff Performance 5.0. The Pfaff was only a month old and had 2 problems. I created one problem and another was due to manufacture. The Singer is about $500 while the Pfaff is $2750. Naturally the much more expensive sewing machine is better but I’ve been using the Singer 9985 now for the past month and find no significant faults with it. The start of a stitch pattern will often have a few tangled threads at the beginning but that can be eliminated if you put tension on the upper thread. Other than that, the Singer is an exceptional machine for the price. The Singer 9985 will do almost everything the Pfaff can do. The stitch is a little better on the Pfaff but that would seldom be an issue of concern. You cannot buy a Pfaff on the Internet sites like a Singer. So the Singer is has a more economical and competitive price. The Pfaff can only be obtained from the few authorized dealers where support is better but the price is naturally higher. Phone support for the Singer was as good as with a Pfaff. Local personal support from a dealer is less likely with a Singer since it was bought online. In Texas, there is only one place I can send the Singer for warrantee repair. There are several places for non-warrantee repair. The repair of a Pfaff is not much better and you must go through the dealer. Essentially, you need a backup sewing machine if you use it all the time. A typical repair will take 1 to 3 months. In my case it has served me best to have a Pfaff for my 1st machine and a Singer for backup. I don’t see anything wrong with owning 2 Singer sewing machines if you can do without the direct personal support of a local dealer. I am not aware of any local dealers who carry the Singer 9985 in stock. Once again, I really like the Singer 9985. I will keep it.

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Great Buy...

Overall Rating:

Pros: Good Value, Great Features, Easy To Use, High Quality

17 out of 17 people found this helpful.

I have more than one Singer machine, very loyal to the brand. I received this model, took it out of the box and started making projects, some that I haven't tackled before, No problem with it, I read some of the reviews while shopping around, and almost had second thoughts about buying, but glad I went with my gut feeling and with my previews experience with the brand, Great Buy, you will get your moneys worth, I recommend, that like with anything else, take the time to read the manual and get to know your new machine and enjoy the experience.

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Nice machine, but warranty work can be an issue.

Overall Rating:

Pros: Good Value, Great Features, Easy To Use

Cons: Qua

37 out of 38 people found this helpful.

Overall, I really love this machine. It is easy to use and very quite for those of us that like to sew late a night. ;)

My needle position was off to the left of the center mark. When I lined up with the 1/2" seam mark it sews a 5/8" seam allowance. Singer has ZERO warranty repair centers in the Denver area, so I had to pay to get it repaired locally.

You may want to search for a local Singer warranty repair center and call them before you purchase a Singer machine. Otherwise, you'll be required to pay for shipping cost and wait several weeks for your machine to be repaired. Sometimes these shipping cost add up to 50% of the price you paid for your new machine. That is why it is important to know these facts before making your purchase.

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The Best Singer Sewing Machine Yet!

Overall Rating:

Pros: Good Value, Great Features, Easy To Use, High Quality, Can't Think Of Anything That I Don't Like About The Quantum Stylist 9985

13 out of 13 people found this helpful.

This machine is my favorite singer yet. I have owned others but this quantum 9985 is by far my favorite. The stitch quality, ease of use, and touch screen are just some of the reasons I really like it. It is so quiet and well built, but most of all, I like the way it stitches....Plus there are numerous decorative stitches that stitch out beautifully. Lots of extra feet too! Love it!!!

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Overall Rating:

Pros: High Quality

Cons: Expensive, Everything I Could Ask For

7 out of 9 people found this helpful.

I think this is the best singer machine I can have. I hope this one serve me well and I feel that I will do my best sewing now.

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Overall Rating:

Pros: Great Features, Easy To Use, High Quality, Sewing Harp A Little Larger But Still Not Aquilter Throat

Cons: Expensive, A Little Problem With Bobbin Wadding Up The Thread Also Easy To Catch Material Through Thread Plate

35 out of 36 people found this helpful.

quite, nice feed dog , lots of features , a little on the high side ,
easy to use .computerized, larger led touch screen , many nice stitches... I basically love it...on 2nd machine ...sent 1st one back due to bobbin thread tension problem and one quilt foot messed up and came apart ... Amazon.com very prompt handling of warranty and exchange ..good public relations...

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Love it except...

Overall Rating:

Pros: Good Value

Cons: Eats Cloth

40 out of 44 people found this helpful.

I love this machine except I am having a problem with it "eating" material. Suddenly the bobbin will make a "rattling" noise and then the cloth will be eaten by the tooth guides into the plate. I have to take the plate off and many times have torn holes in the material. If this keeps up I may have to return it. I hate to do that for one problem!

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