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1004 | VIVO™

Now you're ready for ANYTHING!

Introducing VIVO™ by SINGER®, the handy household tool for creating and repairing. Add personal
touches to fun Do-It-Yourself projects with trims, appliques and embellishments; repair, patch and fix
your garments and other items on the spot. VIVO™ by SINGER® is a snap to use and quick to set up, and
its compact size makes it portable and easy to store. Every home needs one!

Learn how to sew from the SINGER experts!

Get started sewing faster.
  • 12 Pre-Set Stitches
  • 5 Straight Stitches for the majority of your sewing
  • 1 Satin Stitch for appliqué work
  • 4 ZigZag stitches for mending tears, reinforcing seams and decorative embellishment
  • 2 Blind Hem Stitches for invisible hems on skirts, pants and curtains. 
  • 60-Second Start
  • Get started sewing faster than when sewing with a conventional sewing machine! It even comes with an Ideas & Tips sheet to get projects started in no time!
  • Top Drop-In Bobbin with Clear View Cover 
  • Allows for quicker threading and thread supply monitoring. 
  • Hi/Low Button 
  • Sew at your own speed.
  • Removable Free Arm
  • Perfect for sewing cuffs and pant hems. 
  • Compact & Portable
  • Create and repair anywhere with this 7.6 pound machine
  • Ideas & Tips Sheet 
  • Provides you with instructions on appliquéing, blind hemming, and basic embellishment.  
  • Included Accessories (Located in the Free Arm Accessory Storage Tray)
  • All-Purpose Foot (on machine), Satin Stitch Foot, Blind Hem Foot, Darning Plate, Pack of Needles (SINGER Style 2020), Bobbins (class 15, metal), Thread Spool Cap, Spool Base, Foot Control, Power Cord, Instruction Manual, Ideas & Tips Sheet. 
Get started sewing faster.
Download the instruction manual for this machine.
Download the product sheet for a printable list of all of the features and accessories
Find a local retailer
Expand your capabilities.
What others are saying.
Rebecka Hemphill | August 04, 2014
Overall Rating
Great For Small Spaces
Poor Quality, Complicated

I bought the machine last night, because I was wanting a sewing machine for a while. However,after 30 minutes of messing with the machine, I finally got a decent looking stitch. 5 minutes later the bobbin messed up. 15 minutes later, I fixed it. Only to have it mess up again a few minutes later. I am now on hold with Singer, yet I feel the machine will be returned.

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Not worth the $60
Kathy Hart | July 13, 2014
Overall Rating
Poor Quality

Easy enough to set up and thread. Very noisy, hard to control fabric as it is being sewn, does not sew smoothly, couldn't get it reverse and then sew forward in a straight line.

I have had a Singer for more than 20 years and thought this might be a good machine to have while the other was in the shop, boy was I wrong! I never thought I would say I wasn't happy with a Singer product!

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2 days
Kimberly Luebeck | June 23, 2014
Overall Rating
Poor Quality, Does Not Back Stitch Properly

I purchased this machine bc I thought singer was a good product. Well singer, you have let me down. My mother bought a machine from you in 95. It was recently handed down to me, but I had to put it in the shop. I purchased this bc I have projects that can not wait. 2 days is how long it made it. 1 total hour of sewing time. That makes me sad. I was really excited about finding a simple machine to teach my children to sew on.

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Have issues since I bought it!
Alisha Mason | March 17, 2014
Overall Rating
Good Value

I bought this machine because of the price (mainly) and I was in need of a sewing maching and I know and trust the brand. HOWEVER, I am not at all happy with this machine. I have had problems with it since I brought it home, first with it remaining at the same tension (even though the selector is at the exact same space); the thread guide sticks so the thread does not feed properly (not always happening, but does from time to time); this is not what I have come to expect from a Singer machine and I am not at all happy about it. Today the arm that the needle goes into twisted and I am not sewing anything that I have not been sewing for the past two months that I have had the machine! I am hoping that this will be covered under the warranty, it has not been dropped, fallen, or received any type of "shock".

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Not worth the trouble
Amber Smith | February 25, 2014
Overall Rating
Good Value, Great Features, Easy To Use
Poor Quality, Complicated, Messes Up After A Few Uses, Bobbin Drop In Causes Thread To Tangle In Bobin Compartment. , Doesn't Work Well With Multiple Layers Of Fabric

This machine has honestly made me not want to purchase another singer. At first it worked perfectly, but in the middle of making a dress it started to mess up. The thread gets tangled in the bobin case constantly. It wraps around the little blak piece the bobin sits in. I've taken the bottom bobin out cleaned the areas and it still continues to get tangled. I will not buy another singer sewing machine. I'm switching to brother.

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