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14J250 | STYLIST™ II

SINGER's Easiest-To-Use Serger
Take Your Projects To The Next Level.

The SINGER Stylist II Serger is a 4-3-2 thread machine that works as the perfect complement to your current sewing machine. With features such as a built-in needle threader, wide open threading for easy threading and maximum visibility, an integrated thread cutter and a cutting width gauge to ensure that the fabric is cut and sewn consistently, you can expertly polish all of your projects. The machine includes tension release, electronic speed control and adjustable stitch length so all of your work is customized to your needs.

Get started sewing faster.
  • Wide Open Threading
  • The front opens completely to reveal the loopers which significantly improves the ease of threading the serger.
  • Integrated Thread Cutter
  • The thread cutter is built into the needle plate. Trim threads near the end of fabric by pushing down the lever.
  • Cutting Width Gauge
  • Adjustable cutting width gauge attaches to needle plate to ensure the fabric is cut and sewn consistently.
  • Needle Threader
  • Easy to use needle threader eliminates cumbersome needle threading.
  • On-Board Accessory Storage
  • The most commonly used accessories are stored in the Lower Looper Cover, neatly arranged and right within reach.
  • Lower Drive Knife Mechanism
  • Provides better visibility then a standard serger.
  • 4-3-2 Stitch Configuration
  • The 6 different stitch types ensure the perfect stitch, regardless of the project: Blind Hems, Rolled Hems, Flatlocking, finishing raw edges and sewing seams 
  • 1,300 Stitches-Per-Minute
  • Sews up to 1,300 stitches per minute—a real timesaver 
  • Color-Coded Lay-In Threading System
  • Makes threading a snap— just follow the color-coded diagram printed right on the machine 
  • Adjustable Tension with Tension Release
  • Adjust the tension effortless with just the turn of a dial when sewing a variety of fabrics. Tension release allows threads to pull easily when presser foot is up.
  • Differential Feed
  • Ensures even fabric feed on all fabric types. Use the differential feed for gathering on select fabrics!
  • Moveable Upper Knife 
  • Easily move the cutting knife to prevent trimming of fabric while sewing
  • Adjustable Stitch Length
  • Effortlessly adjust the length of a stitch with just the turn of a knob
  • 25-Year Limited Warranty
  • 25-year manufacturer’s defects, 2-year electric and electronic components, 90-day parts and labor
  • Portable
  • Carry handle makes it easy to take your serger overlock to class with you
  • Extra-High Presser Foot Lifter 
  • Offers extra clearance needed when placing multiple layers of fabric under the presser foot 
  • FREE Accessories Included
  • All-Purpose Foot, Lint Brush, Screwdrivers, Stitch Fingers, Two-Thread Converter, Oiler, Cutting Knife, Wrench, Thread Nets, Tweezers, Thread Spool Discs, Spool Holders, Thread Spool Caps, Cutting Width Gauge, Needle Threader, Package of Needles, Spools of Thread, Soft-Sided Dust Cover, Instruction Manual, Power Cord, Foot Controller
  • 4 Built-In Rolled Hems
  • Converting to the Rolled Hem sewing mode is effortless. An easy access lever moves the stitch finger in position for rolled hemming.
  • Four Thread Mock Stretch Stitch
  • A favorite when sewing a knit fabric because the stitch stretches as the fabric stretches providing a strong and professional finish that will not “pop” when the fabric is stretched.
  • Three Thread Overlock Stitch
  • Provides a wonderful professional seam finish, helps prevent loosely woven fabrics from unraveling, and offers unlimited decorative capabilities
  • Three Thread Mock Stretch Safety Stitch
  • Ideal for finishing fine fabrics or highly stretchable fabrics
  • Two Thread Overlock Stitch
  • Use as a lightweight seam finish or a lightweight seam on woven fabrics
  • Rolled Hem Stitches
  • Add an elegant fine finish to table linens, scarves, and much more
  • Flatlock Stitch
  • Special decorative threads can be used to add texture and a dramatic embellishment effects


Get started sewing faster.
Download the instruction manual for this machine.
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What others are saying.
14J250 | STYLIST™ II
Susan Rokita | November 05, 2013
Overall Rating

The special sale price was so low, I couldn't pass it up. I was not familiar with ALL serger features available when I purchased this machine. It does NOT do a true cover hem (like that on t-shirts) and I'm very disappointed. I should have purchased the 5 thread Singer serger. Practice corners (armpits, etc.) before sewing final project or you'll end up chopping your fabric. When threading, it MUST be done in order (1, 2, 3, 4) as shown in the manual or serger will jam/break needles. The manual has minimal info and should have foreign languages in separate sections, instead of page by page. Very stable, heavy machine. The "feet" it rests on are actually suction cups which stick to the table surface, so it doesn't slide/walk. Great machine for normal serging.

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Great Serger
Rhonda Russell | October 17, 2013
Overall Rating
Good Value, Great Features, Easy To Use, High Quality

I found this serger very easy to use. Threading was extremely easy and I love the cutting width guide! The needle threader is a little difficult to use but, I'm sure with practice I'll get the hang of it. The integrated thread cutter is a nice feature as well. Overall, a great machine for the price.

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Excellent Serger
Pat Di Gilio | August 17, 2013
Overall Rating
Good Value, Great Features, Easy To Use, High Quality, I Would Buy It Again

This machine is easy to thread. Suction cups anchor it down to

my table and prevent it from moving. Does all I expect from a

serger. Leaving enough tail thread (about 3-4 inches) will prevent the thread from popping out.

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I'm impressed
Dorothy Flynn | July 16, 2013
Overall Rating
Good Value, Great Features, Easy To Use, High Quality
Would Have Likes A Dvd Demo

This serger just replaced my 28 year old model 14u64a singer serger. The old one had thousands of working hours, but required constant adjustment. I have not mastered all of the features on this machine, but so far I am very impressed!!

Was this review helpful? Yes | No
I like it!
Bonnie Thorpe | June 26, 2013
Overall Rating
Good Value, Easy To Use
Few Features

I like all of the feet the machine comes with. I had to purchase a trim bag. I had first purchased the Brother Serger and I really liked it, but kept getting one with problems. The Singer works well. Thanks

Was this review helpful? Yes | No

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