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Reviews for XL-550 | FUTURA™

Create monogrammed napkins, embroidered garments, decorative pillows and so much more, all with one machine: the SINGER® FUTURA XL-550 sewing and embroidery machine.

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A little trouble embroidering large designs

Overall Rating:

Pros: Great Features, Easy To Use

Cons: Large Embroidery Hoop Buckles In Middle

9 out of 9 people found this helpful.

For sewing and small embroidery designs, this is a wonderful machine. However, the large hoop buckles in the middle causing the designs to misalign. I have tried embroidering on twill, jersey knit, lightweight canvas, linen, and terry cloth. I have used light weight stabilizers, heavy weight stabilizers, and no stabilizer (with the canvas). I have the same problem whenever I try to embroider any design that requires the large hoop. The plastic is just not strong enough to lock the center down. I really wish they made a steel hoop for it.

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Good machine at great price.

Overall Rating:

Pros: Good Value, Easy To Use

5 out of 6 people found this helpful.

I recently ungraded from the ce-200 because I wanted a bigger hoop. I love the 6x10 but the hoop is a bit floppy and it is very hard to hoop the stabilizer tight. Sometimes the hoop pops open mid way through. The spool stands are a joke. They are positioned in a way that the thread constantly wraps around them causing broken needles even with a net. The vertical one us also to story for a standard spool to stay straight. Knowing that-a coffee cup is an easy fix. Singer has almost no customer support. IF you do happen to get through they just tell you to bring it to a dealer which in my case is a 16 hour drive for $85 a way shipping charge.

All this being said, I still chose another singer. You can't beat the price. I am willing to trouble shoot and know I have no support aside from non singer related forums. In the 3 months I've owned it 2 pieces have already broken. Easy fixes after hours if trouble shooting.

Embroiders very nicely and easy to use. Also don't expect anything useful in a user manual. Just basic setup. Must have patients

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embroidery designs

Overall Rating:

Pros: Great Features

Cons: Having To Stay Connected To The Pc In Order To Use The Embroidery Unit.

40 out of 43 people found this helpful.

the machine itself is very good but a little noisy for the price. mostly I am disappointed in the availability of designs - even from singer and having to stay connected to my pc.it would be nice to have better instructions for use of the embroidery unit.

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Nice machine

Overall Rating:

Pros: Good Value, Great Features, High Quality, Nice To Be Able To Download Designs From Online.

Cons: Complicated

50 out of 52 people found this helpful.

I bought this machine because of the combination sewing and embroidery. I was amazed what it could do BUT unaware at how little I knew about computer technology in order to "work" the embroidery part. I would like to take "physical" lessons some place to learn how to use it or at least you could include or offer a video type of tuterial on line that takes you step by step through the process and not one little piece at a time. Very difficult to get on the phone with anyone and no reply has come back on customer service on line questions. If I ever get it all figured out, I'm sure it is great!

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