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XL-400 | FUTURA™

Sewing and embroidery come together

The SINGER® FUTURA™ XL-400 sewing and embroidery machine: everything you love about your SINGER® sewing machine, built right into an embroidery machine. It’s never been easier to add the personal touches that make your sewing projects shine. Automatic features make it easy to let your creativity lead the way!

Please visit for How-To Videos, FAQs and more.

Get started sewing faster.
  • SwiftSmart™ Threading System with Automatic Needle Threader
  • Sewing’s biggest timesaver!
  • Separate Bobbin Winding Motor
  • You can easily wind a bobbin while sewing or embroidering.
  • Speed Control
  • Reduce the speed for precise sewing. Easily accessible on the front of your machine
  • 6 StayBright™ LED Lights
  • Fills the sewing surface with light, making it easier to view your work and eliminating eye strain
  • Drop & Sew™ Bobbin System
  • Automatic bobbin thread pick up for quicker threading. The clear cover makes it easy to see the bobbin supply.
  • Extra High Presser Foot Lift
  • Easy to place multiple layers or bulky fabrics under the presser foot
  • 2 Built-In Spool Pins
  • Horizontal and vertical thread delivery is handy for twin needle sewing, specialty sewing and topstitching techniques.
  • 2 Accessory Trays
  • The machine accessories are within handy reach, stored in the Removable Extension Table. Plus, another extra accessory storage in the embroidery unit for easy access while embroidering.


  • Embroidery Features

  • To access the built-in tutorials in the software for your SINGER® FUTURA™ sewing & embroidery machine, please follow these instructions:
  •    > Open the software.
  •    > Click on the Help tab at the top of the toolbar.
  •    > Click on How-To Tutorial.
  •    > Choose a category.
  • 2 Snap-On Hoops Included
  • Create beautiful embroideries in a variety of sizes: NEW extra large 10” x 6” and Small 4” x 4”
  • Multi-Hoop Capability to Embroider Larger Designs
  • Gives endless possibilities to embroider designs up to 18 ½” x 11”
  • 125 Embroidery Designs Included
  • A large selection of embroidery designs to get you started right away.
  • Design File Capability
  • Automatically reads most embroidery design file formats.
  • Basic Editing of All Designs
  • Customize your embroidery on your computer screen. Combine multiple designs into one design file and add lettering to personalize your embroidery. Select custom colors for your threads. The software includes thread charts with color numbers for the most popular brands of embroidery thread. Rotate embroidery designs in one degree increments for perfect placement and design possibilities. Flip embroidery designs horizontally and/or vertically or repeat embroidery designs for even more creative possibilities. Resizing capability allows you to reduce or enlarge the embroidery design for use on any project.
  • Lettering Program with 5 Fonts
  • Select from 5 embroidery fonts to personalize or monogram your projects. Letters can be sized, rotated and shaped with 30 lettering frames such as arc, banner, wave and more.
  • Trace Design
  • Trace the outline of the design in the embroidery hoop to accurately position the design.
  • 3D Realistic View and Print Capabilities
  • Stitches appear on the computer screen exactly as they will sew. Print the design to create placement templates.
  • Connects Directly to Computer with USB Cable
  • Quick transfer of designs, no additional hardware or cards are needed.
  • Windows® Compatible
  • Operates with any computer with an Operating System of Windows® XP / Vista® / 7 / 8 / 8/1 (Windows® 8 & 8.1 require a software update available at
  • Built-In Tutorials
  • Easy “How To” Instructions built right in.
  • Additional Embroidery Designs
  • Download additional embroidery designs at


  • Additional Software Available


  • AutoPunch™
  • Use your own images or clip art to automatically create custom embroideries.
  • Auto CrossStitch™
  • Easily convert images to cross-stitch designs.
  • PhotoStitch™
  • Convert your favorite photos to embroidery designs.
  • HyperFont™
  • Convert your own computer's Windows® true type fonts into custom monograms and lettering.
  • Editing
  • Customize any section of a design or its stitches.


  • Sewing Features

  • Extra Large Sewing Space
  • The arm length to the right of the needle is 210 mm (8 ¼”) which gives more space for quilts and other large projects.
  • 30 Stitches
  • For a wide variety of sewing. You will always have the perfect stitch for every project. Includes 6 Basic, 5 Stretch, 17 Decorative and 2 Buttonhole stitches
  • 2 Fully Automatic 1-Step Buttonholes
  • Buttonholes are quickly and easily sewn in a simple one-step process. Both columns are sewn in the same direction to lie smoothly and prevent distortion. Choose from two different styles for various sewing applications.
  • Up to 7mm Stitch Width
  • Decorative stitches are wide, bold and beautiful.
  • Presser Foot Sensor
  • Notifies with error message and buzzer when presser foot is not down
  • Exclusive Buttonhole Underplate
  • Makes it easy to create buttonholes, even on thick fabrics or uneven fabric thicknesses
  • Programmable Needle Up / Down
  • One touch sets the needle to stop up or down for easy pivoting, appliqué, accurate stitch placement and more.
  • Electronic Twin Needle Function
  • Limits the stitch width when using a twin needle on decorative stitches to prevent needle breakage
  • Drop Feed
  • A convenient lever lowers the feed teeth for free-motion embroidery and creative top stitching.
Get started sewing faster.
Download the instruction manual for this machine.
Download the quick-start guide.
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What others are saying.
Good starter
Diane Leef | July 01, 2015
Overall Rating
Good Value
Poor Manufacturer Instructions

I bought this machine because it was much cheaper than other machines I've looked at. Since I've never done embroidery before; 1) I didn't know if I would like it or not (I've since gotten into it) 2) It's my experience that many things that are less expensive, are equal in productivity.

I am very happy with my machine. I have learned quite a lot from researching on utube, blogs, discussions with friends etc.

My complaints:'

The instruction manual is very vague and doesn't cover everything the machine can do. Even some of the basic stuff (a button hole for example) is not explained. Only thing I found was that 'yes' the machine is capable of making button holes...

Another complaint is that, in embroidery mode, it picks up too much bobbin thread when starting or thread color change, then I end up with bunched up thread underneath, not an easy solution, once it gets going, it goes.

Was this review helpful? Yes | No
Review of XL 400 Futera
sharon burch | June 16, 2015
Overall Rating
Quality Of Machine Not Up To Singer Standards
Poor Quality

I purchased not one, but two machines. Thinking the first one was a bad machine. Broken needles while embroidering, thread clustered under bobbin. Love the concept of the machine, but it just doesnt work.

Was this review helpful? Yes | No
love it!
Janne Ploquin | June 08, 2015
Overall Rating
Good Value, Great Features, Easy To Use, High Quality

Only had the machine for a week, but I love it. Easy to use, haven't had a single thread break or nest....easy peasy! Had an error message once but found out it was me, not the machine (didn't attach the hoop before I started the machine and computer - kind of confused the computer, but googled the problem, and within a minute I was up and running again. The only thing I didn't like was the price for the software. However, found it on ebay for $35.00. Woo Hoo! love a bargain. One more thread is a no-no, buy decent and then results are spectacular. I bought Robison-Anton and haven't had any problems at all. Don't cheap out. Not worth it. You spent all this money on a machine so buy good quality thread. It's not that expensive and goes a long way. And make sure you use "bobin thread" in the bobbin.

Was this review helpful? Yes | No
Veronica Pratt | May 23, 2015
Overall Rating
Good Value, Great Features, Easy To Use, High Quality

Excellent machine to use, sews beautifully and simple to understand

Was this review helpful? Yes | No
sarah kelsall | April 02, 2015
Overall Rating
Good Value, Great Features, Easy To Use, High Quality, Large Sewing Area For Patchwork

Very sturdy absolute beaut of a machine. I have found the stitch on this machine to be lovely and the embroidery side is also fantastic. I have found that if you set the machine slightly off the E and S the tension is just right. My 4 year old granddaughter loves coming round and learning to sew on this machine. I am able to turn the speed down for her plus she has enjoyed embroidering a dinosaur. Over all I love this machine and am really pleased I went for it.

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Easy Features
Creative Features
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