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Get A Professional Look Every Time

The SINGER Expert Finish iron features 1700 watts, advanced LCD electronic temperature control with 9 settings, vertical steam capabilities, open soleplate tip for excellent pleat and under-button ironing and burst of steam capabilities for stubborn wrinkles. This iron also features stainless steel soleplate with anti drip technology, 360 degree swivel cord and 3-way smart auto off. The iron comes with a 2-year limited warranty. 

Get started sewing faster.
  • Advanced LCD Electronic Temperature with 9 Settings 
  • Delivers better and faster results on all types of fabrics; LCD display and sound alerts when the right temperature is reached
  • 360° Swivel Cord 
  • Provides free motion ironing
  • Vertical Steam 
  • Use in upright position to remove wrinkles from hanging garments and drapes 
  • 3-Way Smart Auto Off 
  • Never worry about leaving the iron on again
  • Brushed Stainless Steel Soleplate 
  • Provides effortless glide & durability
  • 1700 Watts 
  • Delivers more steam and power 
  • Burst of Steam 
  • Concentrated steam removes stubborn wrinkles 
  • Open Soleplate Tip 
  • Designed for excellent pleat & under button ironing
  • Anti Drip 
  • Prevents spitting and leaking when iron is on a low temperature setting  
  • 2-Year Limited Warranty
Get started sewing faster.
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What others are saying.
Good but not great
John Birchard | December 06, 2011
Overall Rating
Good Value, Great Features, Easy To Use, High Quality
See Above

We find the Expert Finish iron warms up quickly to operating temperature, but does not "beep" when arriving at that temperature. We like the visual display of fabric temperatures and the buttons on the side that control the heat levels. The iron produces good amounts of steam and is not too heavy for a senior citizen.

The soleplate is indeed non-stick. In filling the iron with water, the water inlet cover does not have an "open" position where the cover is held open while filling is going on. Also, we find the filling process is slow, that the iron regurgitates the water if the operator tries to fill it too fast.

Surely, you can do better than that. Also, the iron uses, in our opinion, a lot of water to produce the steam. It requires fairly frequent fill-ups when you have a large amount of ironing.

Overall, though, you have a good product. It just could use a little upgrade here and there.

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Turns off too easily
Gina McCasland | January 19, 2012
Overall Rating
Good Value, Light Weight, Great Features, Easy To Use, High Quality, Water Level Easy To Read
Auto-off Feature Is Too Sensitive, Steam Control Dial Could Be Larger

This is almost the iron of my dreams for its light weight, abundant steam and easy-to-see water levels. The only negative I've found is the Auto-off feature activates frequently, even in the middle of moving the iron. Maybe I simply have a too-smooth technique when it comes to pressing, but have found the only way to keep it turned on is to jerk the iron each time I pick it up. Not helpful for the therapuetic, Zen-like experience I usually enjoy when ironing. Otherwise, it's a pleasure to use and great value.

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Where has this iron been all my life!
Bruce McCormick | October 22, 2011
Overall Rating
Easy To Use, High Quality, Lots Of Steam

This first iron I ever recall owning was an old GE steam iron that I had and used for years. It's probably still working somewhere....it got lost in a move years ago. Since that time I have purchased at least 4 other steam irons. I've paid anywhere from $15 to $100 for them and none of them were to my satisfaction. I've had B&D, Rowenta, Shark but there was a problem of some sort with each one. Finally I happened across this Singer model. I love this iron. Biggest plus...STEAM!!!!! Lots and lots of STEAM!! I mean lets face it...why else do you buy a Steam Iron!!? Theres a few minor things that could be different....ie: A longer cord, the "beep" for low temperature warning is almost inaudible..(at first I thought it was my pacemaker..). The only real big improvement I could think of is a direct connect water hose to the sink! (kidding of course..or am I?...It could work I suppose...) Because is makes so much steam..it uses lots of water..but I don't care. It came with a plastic bottle to easily pour into the iron so I'll put up with that.

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Does provide good amount of steam
Barbara Berndt | November 24, 2011
Overall Rating

It's an o.k. iron. First Singer EF Iron gave off no audible beep when temp reached nor when iron turned off as per instruction manual so returned for new. New Singer EF only gives off a "clunk" sound when temp reached and no sound when turned off. Other than that it is useable.

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good iron for quilters
Kathy Stuart | February 06, 2012
Overall Rating
Good Value, Great Features, Easy To Use, High Quality

This iron was so much cheaper than the traditional Rowenta and yet has all the same features and works great.

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