1700 Watts, Accurate LED Temperature Settings, 2 Year Limited Warranty

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Good until warranty ran out

Overall Rating:

Pros: Great Features, Easy To Use, High Quality

Cons: Shorter Than Expected Life Span!

After buying cheap irons, we went for a slightly more expensive one that was heavier, but not the ones used by professional seamstresses. In turn, we enjoyed using this iron for about 16 months, then it just stopped working. Period. Power gets to the switch but it does not heat up at all. We have used this iron sparingly, with a 'busy' week seeing maybe 10 garments, so it did NOT get overused.

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Doesn't hold up

Overall Rating:

Pros: Great Features, Easy To Use

Cons: Poor Quality

I've had two of these in the last two years. They run about 8 months and then die. Not even close to the two year warranty. Cheaper to just guy by another product. Frustrating.

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Just okay

Overall Rating:

Pros: Good Value, Great Features

Cons: Handle/grip Is Almost Too Large; I Fear As My Arthritis Advances, This May Be Very Uncomfortable To Grip/use, I Believe The Water Tap Holds A Good Quantity But The Color Of The Tank Makes It Difficult For Me See The Actual Level While In Use

After using for two months, overall experience has been positive. Note my concern about the handle/grip. While quality appears good I have managed to break the hinged cover to the water tank already.

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Quick Fail - No Heat

Overall Rating:

4 out of 5 people found this helpful.

My brand new Perfect Finish II ironed one shirt, When I took it out to use again, it repeatedly failed to heat up. The "Made in China" label should have tipped me off not to buy it. Apparently the current owners of the Singer brand are trading on a good name while selling far inferior products. No more Singers for us.

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Love this iron

Overall Rating:

Pros: Good Value, Great Features, Easy To Use, High Quality, High Steam Temp Sets Seams Very Well

Cons: Made In China

5 out of 6 people found this helpful.

Its highest setting produces a VERY hot vapor (watch your fingers). It does not leak like so many other irons I have tried over the years including more expensive brands. THIS IS A SERIOUS crafters/quilters/seamstress iron. I do not recommend this iron for the novice or the "once in a while " ironer because of the high steam vapors (again watch your fingers). I use this iron several times a week for several hours at a time. I am retired a 63 yo and am fulfilling a lifelong dream of retirement with sewing and quilting (and other crafty things) with my new found time in retirement. (Opps it is made in China but ... )

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Overall Rating:

Pros: Good Value, Great Features, Easy To Use, High Quality

10 out of 12 people found this helpful.

At 63 years old and "very old school" as the "30 Somethings" say, you can just imagine how many irons I've had in my lifetime. Hopefully, this will be the last one! I can't say enough about it. This time, I spent more than usual on an iron, but I should have done this from the very beginning of time. The old addage "you get what you pay for" is absolutely true in this instance. The iron is THE very best iron I've ever owned. Wrinkles come out in a flash. Thank you for making such a wonderful product. My mother was a seamstress, and we had Singer sewing machines in our home from the time I was a child. She used to make my dancing costumes herself, and the Singer product helped her to be an expert.

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