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Bonus Presser Feet and Cover Stitch and Chain Stitches enhance the serger's versatility and your own creativity. 

The SINGER 14T968DC Professional 5 Serger Overlock machine has 5-4-3-2 thread capability providing a wide selection of stitch options for all types of projects with professional results every time.Save time with hems, seams and seam finishing. Creative stitch options and fabric combinations can expand your creativity.

Sewing at 1,300 stitches per minute while trimming and overcasting, you will zip through projects in no time. Decorative flatlocking and easy rolled hems add a finishing touch to garments, home décor projects and more. An adjustable cutting width, stitch length control, self-adjusting tension system and color-coded threading allow for creative freedom and easy set-up!

Get started sewing faster.
  • 5-4-3-2 Thread Capability
  • Different stitch types ensure the perfect stitch, regardless of the project: Cover Hems, Chain Stitching, Rolled Hems, Flatlocking
  • Fully Automatic Self-Adjusting Tension System
  • Sew perfectly balanced stitches on all fabric types.
  • CD Workbook Included
  • Shows you exactly how to use each stitch.
  • Attachable Clean Pocket
  • Keeps your sewing space clean by catching trimmed fabric.
  • BONUS Accessories Included 
  • Beading Foot, Blind Hem Foot, Cording Foot, Elastic Foot, Shirring Foot, Taping Foot
  • 1,300 Stitches-Per-Minute
  • Sews up to 1,300 stitches per minute—a real timesaver 
  • Color-Coded Lay-In Threading System
  • Makes threading a snap— just follow the color-coded diagram printed right on the machine 
  • Differential Feed
  • Fully adjustable to ensure even feed for perfect seams on every fabric - no breaking or puckering. It is also useful for keeping stretch fabrics and bias cut fabrics from becoming “stretched out”
  • Moveable Upper Knife 
  • Easily move the cutting knife to prevent trimming of fabric while sewing
  • Adjustable Stitch Length
  • Effortlessly adjust the length of a stitch with just the turn of a knob
  • 25-Year Limited Warranty 
  • 25-year manufacturer’s defects, 2-year electric and electronic components, 90-day parts and labor
  • Portable
  • Carry handle makes it easy to take your serger overlock to class with you
  • Extra-High Presser Foot Lifter 
  • Offers extra clearance needed when placing multiple layers of fabric under the presser foot 
  • FREE Accessories Included
  • All-Purpose Foot, Needle Set, Tweezers, Spreader, Screwdrivers, Clean Pocket, Serging Knife, Spool Caps, Anti-Spill Net, Oiler, Brush, Cone Adapters, Soft-Sided Dust Cover, CD Workbook Included, Instruction Manual with included Stitch Guide, Foot Control, Power Cord
  • 4 Built-In Rolled Hems
  • Converting to the Rolled Hem sewing mode is effortless. An easy access lever moves the stitch finger in position for rolled hemming.
  • Five-Thread Safety Stitch
  • Consists of a three-thread overlock and double chain stitch
  • Four-Thread Safety Stitch
  • Consists of a two-thread overedge and double chain stitch.
  • Triple Cover Stitch
  • Creates professional topstitching effects.
  • Double Chain Stitch
  • Perfect for construction or decorative finishes.
  • Cover Stitch
  • A necessity for sewing stretchy fabrics like knits, swimwear and lingerie.
  • Four-Thread Ultra-Stretch Mock Safety Stitch
  • A favorite when sewing a knit fabric because the stitch stretches as the fabric stretches providing a strong and professional finish that will not “pop” when the fabric is stretched.
  • Three-Thread Ultra-Stretch Mock Safety Stitch
  • Ideal for lightweight, stretchy fabrics like tricot and spandex.
  • Three-Thread Overlock Stitch
  • Provides a wonderful professional seam finish, helps prevent loosely woven fabrics from unraveling, and offers unlimited decorative capabilities.
  • Three-Thread Flatlock
  • Special decorative threads can be used to add texture and a dramatic embellishment effects.
  • Two-Thread Wrapped Edge Overlock
  • Use as a lightweight seam finish or a lightweight seam on woven fabrics.
  • Two-Thread Overedge
  • Perfect for overedging medium weight fabrics. Also ideal for flatlock seams and blind hemming.
Get started sewing faster.
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What others are saying.
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Andrew French | June 26, 2011
Overall Rating
Good Value, Great Features, High Quality
Complicated, Horrible To Thread

I purchased this Singer professional 5 five thread serger sewing machine about four months ago and have not been able to use it yet because the threading is so difficult, and the thread keeps breaking. I think that the only way to solve this problem is for Singer to release a DVD with someone demonstrating all of the threading options so that we would be able to see what to do. I have printed the CD manual but have found that it is just as blurry on CD as it is on paper. Singer please release a instruction DVD for those of us who are having a VERY hard time getting to use this machine!

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sheila rawlins | December 28, 2011
Overall Rating
Great Features

I am quite dissappointed with this machine. it looked so easy to operate on tv. I can understand the threading instructions. i have had a serger before and know how to thread, but this is very complicated. th cd that came with it does nnot work. I need a visual with the instructons. I am very disa ppointed.

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love it so far
leigh schoen | August 28, 2010
Overall Rating
Good Value, Great Features, Great Instruction Cd Comes With It
Little Complicated To Thread

I purchased this on HSN this month and am very pleased with it- I love all the features for the price point-similar sergers from other companies are 2x as much.

-threading took a little time to learn but once I got it.. no problem--since I have had another serger from another company in the past- I did not feel intimidated by the threading- and for the price point I don't mind that the threading takes a little time.

- I have seen some reviews on HSN that were negative-especially related to the threading -but I think that they probably did not print the CD instructions and sit down and go through them step by step.

- I would advise users to print the CD instructions... and go through all of them step by step - I did it in a day and was able to achieve each stitch.

-thanks singer for this serger!!

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My Dream Machine!!!!
Patty Gemoll | November 18, 2010
Overall Rating
Good Value, Great Features, Easy To Use, High Quality

Wanted a serger forever--when you want something bad enough you make yourself learn it and that's what I did. The price I paid made this sturdy 'do it all' serger a dream come true for me. I'm a novice but thought the instruction manual (more than the CD) did a good job of teaching me this machine. I read, highlighted, followed along and figured it out! Now I think it's easy to thread and it sergers beautifully! Don't give up learning how to use this because comparable 'do it all' sergers can cost a fortune! This one is sturdy, easy and fun! Take a class or get someone to help you if you must because you will love this machine and all it can do!!! I also recommend the books Singer's 'The New Sewing with a Serger' and "The Ultimate Serger Answer Guide' to help you take full advantage of serging with this awesome machine. Reading a camera manual alone does not make someone a photographer and is why I believe it's important to read more than just a serger instruction manual. Read other serger sewing books in order to understand all the 'possibilities that are possible' with an awesome machine like this Singer 5 thread! So many fantastic threads you can use on a serger that you can't on a regular sewing machine which make things you sew incredibly beautiful! Edged a bridal veil with matellic pearlized thread--totally gorgeous! I am in love with this machine!!!

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Pro 5 Thread Serger
arturo garza | December 04, 2011
Overall Rating
Good Value, Great Features, Easy To Use, High Quality, Professional Results Made Easy

Okay I was a little intimidated when I first got this machine, I unpacked it then repacked it... I finally played with it and printed out my manual and tried out many stitches/locks. WOW! It has made my finishes look so professional and beautiful. No more scantly off garments, home decor or items. Everything that comes through this baby is professional looking quality. The stitches are so beautiful and its extremely fast. I sewed out a stitched reference chart of the included stitches/locks to make it easier to refer back to my setting on this machine. Love, love, love it. The auto-tension and optional adjust-ability is exceptional. Singer has taken a major leap forward and is producing top quality products with our economy and our pockets in mind, as they give us features that other brands charge a lot for. Singer started the sewing revolution and continues to be the leader. No more excuses to not make our own trendy, fashionable clothing, chic home decor, and timeless quilt treasures with all of the Singer products that are available. Singer your rock, Great job!

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