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Just Learning? Just Perfect. 

The SINGER 2259 Tradition has the features to make starting a new hobby easy. This sewing machines features an automatic four-step buttonhole, easy stitch selection, and snap-on presser feet. Thread the machine quickly and easily. Just follow the arrows on the machine, and you are threaded in a snap.

Nineteen basic, stretch, and decorative built-in stitches provide options for everything from the most basic garment alterations to more elaborate home décor designs.

Get started sewing faster.
  • Easy Stitch Selection
  • Simply choose the stitch that's right for your project. 
  • Adjustable Stitch Length & Zigzag Width
  • Keep your seams strong and prevent bunching on any type of fabric with adjustable stitch length and zigzag width. 
  • 19 Built-In Stitches
  • Nineteen built-in stitches offer a variety of options for fashion sewing, crafts, home décor and decorative sewing. 
  • 1 Automatic 4-Step Buttonhole
  • Buttonholes made easy!  
  • 4 Snap-On Presser Feet
  • Snap-on presser feet make changing from one to another effortless--no screwdriver required. 
  • Automatic Bobbin Winding
  • The needle bar automatically disengages when winding the bobbin making bobbin winding safe.
  • Heavy Duty Metal Frame 
  • The rigid interior support holds all the mechanisms in perfect alignment for skip-free sewing. 
  • Extra-High Presser Foot Lifter 
  • The extra high presser foot lifter offers more clearance when placing multiple layers of bulky fabric under the presser foot. 
  • Four-Segment Feed Dog System 
  • This feed dog system ensures that the fabric is picked up and supported from the front of the presser foot to the rear, providing more accurate feeding. 
  • Multiple Needle Positions 
  • Needle positions can be changed for individual projects including inserting zippers, cording and topstitching. 
  • Free Arm with On-Board Storage 
  • The free arm provides easy access to cuffs, collars, pant hems and other difficult-to-reach areas. The on-board storage provides easy access to the included accessories. 
  • Adjustable Tension 
  • This system ensures stable stitch quality, whatever type of fabric you use. 
  • Portable 
  • The machine has a built-in carry handle making it easy to transport the machine. 
  • Included Accessories
  • All-Purpose Foot, Buttonhole Foot, Button Sewing Foot, Zipper Foot, Thread Spool Caps (2), Screwdriver, Edge / Quilting Guide, Bobbins (Class 15), Needles, Seam Ripper/ Lint Brush, Foot Pedal, Power Cord, Instruction Manual, Machine Intro DVD
  • 25-Year Limited Warranty
  • 25-year warranty including limited 25-year on sewing machine head, limited 2-year on electronic components and limited 90-days on adjustments. 
Get started sewing faster.
Download the instruction manual for this machine.
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What others are saying.
Singer Tradition
diane eberly | June 21, 2015
Overall Rating
Easy To Use
Few Features

Had a Singer for many years til it broke. My daughter gave me a Singer Tradition for Christmas. What a surprise. Used it to hem my granddaughters Prom gown. What a marvelous machine so easy, smooth and has just enough different stitches for an old lady to use. It was so nice to use. Would recommend it to all who just need a simple sewing machine.

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Worst sewing machine I've ever used
Mal Moss | May 07, 2015
Overall Rating

I grew up sewing with my grandma and her Singer sewing machine. After purchasing this new one for myself, I may just give up sewing all together. What a complete waste of money! The bobbin is the worst thing in the world to get to work. I will not be wasting my money on anything Singer again! Very disappointed in this machine.

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Makes you want to sew more!!
Monica Fitch | April 18, 2015
Overall Rating
Good Value, Great Features, Easy To Use, High Quality, For Beginners And Teenagers
Few Features

This sewing machine is awesome! Its great for someone who wants to give sewing a try. It comes with a DVD, that walks you through the threading of the machine and there are little arrows and numbers on the machine that tell you which direction the thread goes. I'm having a blast using this machine. When I go shopping, if I don't see my size, I purchase the larger size (without hesitation :-) because I know I can bring it home and tailor it, with thanks to my easy to use sewing machine! :-)

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I Give Up.
BeLinda Cordes | April 12, 2015
Overall Rating
Binds Up

I got this for Christmas 2014 because I wanted to learn to sew. The book that came with it didn't help much in getting started, but after many YouTube videos, I finally got the bobbin threaded right and was off and running.

I hemmed 4 pairs of kid's jeans and made myself a shirt. Then the machine started binding up. I'd open the bobbin case and thread would be all bound up around the hook and my material pulled down into the feed teeth so I'd have to cut it to free it from the bobbin. Took everything apart, rethreaded. It sewed a few stitches, then did it again. Long story short... I've watched videos, read websites, talked to experienced sewers and can't figure out why it keeps doing this. I'm giving up. I've spent hours and hours rethreading the machine instead of doing actual sewing. We took everything around the bobbin casing apart, cleaned it and re-threaded. Again, same issue.

Really discouraging for a beginner! I've read tons of reviews from others with similar issues with this machine. No help though, their suggestion was get a different machine.

I'll be finishing my current project by hand and probably looking for new machine. We didn't get an extended warranty or anything, so I'm stuck with a giant paperweight.

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Needle threading
Doris Tietsworth | February 05, 2015
Overall Rating
Easy To Use

Enjoy this machine except threading the needle. For years have threaded needle from right to left & this one is from front to back which I find difficult. Also have trouble passing thread behind a thin wire needle clamp guide (#7) before reaching the needle eye.

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Easy Features
Creative Features
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