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14SH654 | FINISHING TOUCH™ Features and Included Accessories


Button Hole Type(s): N/A
Adjustable Pressure: N
Built-in Accessory Storage: Y
Carry Handle: Y
Free-Arm: Y
Light: Y
Snap-on Presser Feet: Y
Adjustable Stitch Width: Y
Adjustable Stitch Length: Y
Color-Coded Threading: Y
Differential Feed: Y
Movable Upper Knife: Y
Rolled Hem w/o Plate Change: Y
Thread Capacity: 3/4
Limited Warranty: 25 years
See Warranty Terms page.

Included Accessories:

Needles: Y
Lint Brush: N
Oil: N
Screwdriver (large): Y
Spool Cap (large): N
Dust Cover: N
Allen Wrench: N
Spool Net: N
Clean Pocket: N
Spare Knife: N
Spool Holder: N
Tweezers: Y