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Create an attractive finish on table linens, scarves and seams. 

Equipped with a differential feed to permit gathering fabrics for ruffles and sewing knits without stretching them, the two-needle SINGER 14SH654 Finishing Touch serger sews six stitches with three or four threads and allows for quick, easy stitching, trimming and overcasting. It provides convenience, speed (up to 1,300 stitches per minute) and the reliability of the Singer name. Available stitch functions include the three-thread overlock; the three-thread, wrapped-edge overlock; the four-thread mock-safety stitch; flatlock; blind hem; and rolled hem. Conversion from normal overedging to rolled hemming can be accomplished without changing the throat plate.

Get started sewing faster.
  • 4-3 Stitch Configuration

  • The different stitch types ensure the perfect stitch, regardless of the project: Rolled Hems, Flatlocking, Overlocking,  finishing raw edges and sewing seams 

  • 1,300 Stitches-Per-Minute

  • Sews up to 1,300 stitches per minute—a real timesaver 

  • Color-Coded Lay-In Threading System

  • Makes threading a snap— just follow the color-coded diagram printed right on the machine 

  • Adjustable Tension

  • Makes adjusting the tension effortless when sewing a variety of fabrics

  • Differential Feed

  • Fully adjustable to ensure even feed for perfect seams on every fabric - no breaking or puckering. It is also useful for keeping stretch fabrics and bias cut fabrics from becoming “stretched out”

  • Moveable Upper Knife 

  • Easily move the cutting knife to prevent trimming of fabric while sewing

  • Adjustable Stitch Length

  • Effortlessly adjust the length of a stitch with just the turn of a knob

  • Removable Free Arm

  • Makes it easy to sew hard-to-reach areas such as armholes, cuffs and smaller projects 

  • 25-Year Limited Warranty 

  • 25-year manufacturer’s defects, 2-year electric and electronic components, 90-day parts and labor

  • Portable

  • Carry handle makes it easy to take your serger overlock to class with you

  • Extra-High Presser Foot Lifter 

  • Offers extra clearance needed when placing multiple layers of fabric under the presser foot 

  • FREE Accessories Included

  • Tweezers, Needle Set, Spreader, Screwdriver and Dust Cover

  • 4 Built-In Rolled Hems

  • Converting to the Rolled Hem sewing mode is effortless. An easy access lever moves the stitch finger in position for rolled hemming.

  • Four Thread Mock Stretch Stitch

  • A favorite when sewing a knit fabric because the stitch stretches as the fabric stretches providing a strong and professional finish that will not “pop” when the fabric is stretched.

  • Three Thread Overlock Stitch

  • Provides a wonderful professional seam finish, helps prevent loosely woven fabrics from unraveling, and offers unlimited decorative capabilities

  • Three Thread Mock Stretch Safety Stitch

  • Ideal for finishing fine fabrics or highly stretchable fabrics

  • Rolled Hem Stitches

  • Add an elegant fine finish to table linens, scarves, and much more

  • Flatlock Stitch

  • Special decorative threads can be used to add texture and a dramatic embellishment effects

Get started sewing faster.
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What others are saying.
Terri Tuttle | November 23, 2014
Overall Rating
Good Performance.

I am a new serger user. After over an hour of trying to thread my finishing touch serger, I about wanted to throw the thing out a window. Had to take the throat plate off to see the slot on the lower looper. Extreamly frustrating! Had to leave it and ask my daughter for help. Once threaded, I am pleased with its performance.

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Nice maching
William Smith | June 17, 2014
Overall Rating
Good Value, Great Features, Easy To Use, High Quality, Quiet, Powerful
The Blind Hem Foot Should Also Be Included.

For the buck you get a whole lot of bang.

I have moderate experience with Sergers in general, I own another one I purchased a while ago and was having some problems with it.

I found this machine to run quieter and faster than the Bernette, but what made this fantastic is the selection of readily available attachments, and the included Video.

As I mentioned I was having a minor problem, well the video showed me my problem was me. Loading the Bernette I was loading it wrong. The Video is invaluable, and will help those that are getting into Sergers or like me whom have had a Serger for a while. I figured if you have 4 threads and they are labled 1- 4 you should load them 1- 4 nope. 2-1-3-4.

Fast quiet, plenty of power, and in general a well made machine. The Threading guide marks are very easy to follow.

The 25 year warranty is nice too.

Good job Singer

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Not Bad
Kathy Welcome | June 09, 2014
Overall Rating
Easy To Use

I have had the machine for about 2 months. Right now, it has met my expectations. User friendly.

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Good For The Money
Sandra Reeves | March 30, 2014
Overall Rating
Good Value, Easy To Use
Instruction Manual.

I have used better machines but for the money it is good even if it is very noisy and does not make a consistent stitch. Very easy to use. Instruction manual needs quite a bit of help.

Was this review helpful? Yes | No
Barbara Dolan | March 18, 2014
Overall Rating

Very difficult to thread.

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