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Where To Buy SINGER Products

SINGER® products are available from independent Authorized SINGER® sewing specialty, national, regional and online retailers. When you find a machine that interests you, click the "Where to Buy" button and you will be assisted with finding local and online retailers who carry the product.

National & Regional Retailers

SINGER® machines and products are widely available from national, regional and online retailers. When you click the "Where to Buy" button, a list of retailers where the product is available will be displayed.

To view a list of National & Regional Retailers, Click Here

SINGER® Authorized E-tailers

Get the convenience of shopping online and the expertise of a SINGER® Sewing Specialty Retailer by shopping with our Authorized SINGER® e-Tailers.

To view a list of Authorized E-Tailers, Click Here

SINGER® Authorized Sewing Specialty Retailers

Authorized SINGER® Sewing Specialty Retailers have expert knowledge of SINGER® machines and guide you through all the sewing possibilities of your model, service your machine and even provide in-store sewing lessons. Also look for Authorized SINGER® SPECIAL EVENT SALES in your community.

To locate a retailer in the U.S., use the search field at the right.


Our Web site offers a variety of accessories, notions and reference books to assist in making your sewing experience enjoyable and the best it can be.

In addition we offer limited quantities of factory refurbished machines. Each refurbished machine is rigorously tested at our factory to perform flawlessly and we pass the savings on to you.

To locate Authorized SINGER® Sewing Specialty Retailers in the US or Canada, please enter your Zip or Postal Code, click on "Find Retailer."

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