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100 QuiltPro™ Quilting Safety Pins

How often has it been when you need a safety pin and there's none around? Now you can store them in style. Always great to have on hand for craft and sewing projects.


175 Ball Head Quilting Pins in Large Flower Case - Size 28

175 quilting pins in large flower shaped case


20 Quilting & Craft Safety Pins - Size 3

20 quilting and craft safety pins


200 QuiltPro™ Ball Head Quilting Pins

200 QuiltPro™ Ball Head Quilting Pins in Large Flower Case - Size 28


250 QuiltPro™ Ball Head Quilting Pins

250 QuiltPro™ Ball Head Quilting Pins in Jar with Pin Cushion Lid - Size 28


300 QuiltPro™ Ball Head Straight Pins

300 QuiltPro™ Ball Head Straight Pins in Large Flower Case - Size 17


75 QuiltPro™ Curved Safety Pins

75 QuiltPro™ Curved Safety Pins in Large Flower Case - Size 2


Hand Sewing, QuiltPro™ Collectible Decorative Needle Threaders

QuiltPro™ Collectible Decorative Needle Threaders with Cutter - Dress Forms


Quilt Pro™ Pro Series™ Rotary Cutter with 2 Replacement Blades

From corduroy to calico, slice through fabric with ease. This rotary cutter features a razor-sharp blade for effortless cutting.


QuiltPro™ Bias Tape Maker Set

Quilt lovers will be transported back to a simpler time when they view this collectible vintage tin.


QuiltPro™ Collectible Ceramic Thimble

Collectible thimble for quilt lovers


QuiltPro™ Collectible Storage Tin Set, 3pk

Store sewing notions and other craft supplies.


QuiltPro™ Fabric Sewing Machine Cover

Give your sewing machine a new look with this fashionable fabric cover. You'll appreciate its durability and how it protects your machine from dust and dirt.   


QuiltPro™ Grip n Rip Combo Set

QuiltPro™ Grip n Rip Combo Set - Comfort Gel Seam Ripper and Gel Thimble

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QuiltPro™ Hemstitch Wing Machine Needles - Size 100/16

For decorative open work on various weight woven fabrics.



QuiltPro™ Metallic Thread Machine Needles - Size 90/14

For sensitive metallic and other specialty threads


QuiltPro™ Mini Beeswax

QuiltPro™ Mini Beeswax with Individual Holders


QuiltPro™ Pressing Pad

Fits standard ironing boards 13 in to 15 in wide.


QuiltPro™ Quilt Binding Clips

12 Wide clips for holding multiple layers of fabric in a collectible tin.


QuiltPro™ Quilter's Basics in Fashion Pouch

Includes all the basic tools a quilter needs and comes in this fashion pouch!


QuiltPro™ Scrap Caddy

Keep your sewing, quilting and crafting space clean and organized


QuiltPro™ Sew Mate™ Sew Mate™

Hangs off edge of work area weighted down with the sewing machine.


Vintage Sewing Basket Kit

126 pieces - 10 Assorted Hand Needles, 100 Dressmaker Pins, 8" Fabric Scissors, 10 Mini Thread Spools, Needle Threader, Pin Cushion, Seam Ripper, 60" Tape 

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