Ceclia Cassini

Meet our favorite young Fashion Designer

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Meet fashion designer Cecilia Cassini who has been designing clothes since preschool. This entrepreneur has had an impressive career in fashion and she’s only 13-years-old. Cecilia will talk about the designs she created for such music artists as Miley Cyrus to Taylor Swift.

SINGER is proud to work with Cecilia and assist her in her charity work and the philosophy that “Every Girl Deserves A Dress”

Visit www.ceciliacassini.com/blog/ to learn about Cecilia’s inspiring “Follow Your Dreams” Campaign.


New York Times “Dusting Off the Sewing Machine” July 2012

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We love this article and how it showcases the resurgence of sewing in America.


A Stitch in Time… at the Speed of Smartphones (Wall Street Journal)

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“Your grandmother’s hobby is going high-tech.

Amid sewing’s pop-culture revival, makers of sewing machines are cutting no corners in their appeal to the next generation of seamstresses. Equipped with USB ports and high-resolution touch screens, the newest sewing machines address the industry’s growth demographic—people in their 20s and 30s inspired by fashion and design reality-TV shows and raised on computers and smartphones.”

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