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SINGER® FUTURA “Embroidery Made Easy” Newsletter (July)

Embroidery Made Easy, Tips & Hints

Welcome to the first issue of Embroidery Made Easy, a new monthly newsletter designed to showcase tips, hints and projects for your SINGER® FUTURA™ sewing & embroidery machine.

Who doesn’t love personalized things?

Your SINGER® FUTURA™ sewing & embroidery machine is packed full of fun lettering functions – from fonts styles to lettering shapes, advanced spacing and so much more! In this issue of Embroidery Made Easy, we will explore one of the basic functions of lettering,— Lettering Frames.

Then, we’ll use it in a simple, yet practical project that will be sure to please your favorite techie! In addition, we will show you how to use the “Ruler” function, a convenient little tool that you’ll use again and again. Take advantage of the summer months, it’s a great time to learn and further explore your SINGER® FUTURA™ sewing & embroidery machine!

SINGER FUTURA Newsletter July 2013

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