Lacy Bag Embroidery Project

SINGER Lace Sachet Embroidery Project

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This darling little bag is ideal for storing precious trinkets or jewelry.  It could also be used as a sachet.  […]


SINGER Water Bottle Project

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Get ready for summer with this water bottle carrier.  It has a pocket for miscellaneous items and a key chain holder.  Learn basic editing skills for your SINGER® FUTURA sewing & embroidery machine as you create this fun project.

SINGER FUTURA Water Bottle Carrier

Download Beach Ball Graphic

Cupcake-Embroidery cropped

SINGER® FUTURA “Embroidery Made Easy” Newsletter (April 2014)

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Spring is here! The trees and flowers are blooming, everything is fresh and full of life. Along with it comes a new expectancy of what lies ahead. Perhaps you’re eagerly anticipating a wedding, graduation or a new baby arriving soon. Whatever it is, spring can inspire fresh new creative ideas, and your SINGER® FUTURA™ sewing and embroidery machine can help you turn them into reality.


In this month’s issue of Embroidery Made Easy, we will explore more options with built-in lettering, focusing specifically on one of the most popular lettering frames, the Arc. You will learn how easy it is to shape text layouts using the Arc frame. Then, we will show you how to create darling cupcake toppers for an upcoming graduation party using this lettering technique. This month’s Inside Your Software article will explain how to use the Design Browser to quickly and easily find designs that are stored either on the hard drive of your computer or on another storage device such as a CD-Rom. So get ready, let’s get started!

FUTURA Newsletter_April 2014

FUTURA Grad Cupcake Favor

girls dress_full_blog

Easter Bunny Embroidery Project

Sewing Projects

The sweetest dress for the little girl in your life! Use the pattern to create a dress or embroider on a tote bag for the perfect accessory to carry your goodies. A cute way to use your SINGER® FUTURA™ sewing and embroidery machine this holiday season. HAPPY EASTER!!

FUTURA Easter Bunny Embroidery Project

FUTURA Rabbit Embroidery Design

Sleeping Star Pillow for SC

SINGER® FUTURA “Embroidery Made Easy” Newsletter (March 2014)

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One of the most popular things to do with your SINGER® FUTURA™ sewing & embroidery machine is to embellish your projects or ready-made items with letters or monograms. Who wouldn’t love to receive a gift personalized this way? Lettering can be as simple as a single letter for a monogram, or more complex with several lines of text. In this month’s issue of Embroidery Made Easy, we’ll show you some tips for working with a block of text that has several words and multiple lines by using the Advanced Spacing function, built into the software for the SINGER® FUTURA™ sewing & embroidery machine.

Then, you’ll get an opportunity to experiment using what you’ve learned in this month’s project (see below for instructions & design). It’s an adorable door hanger that’s perfect for decorating the room of that new little addition to the family. A great idea for a baby shower gift, too! In this month’s “Inside Your Software” article, we’ll show you how to change the color of the text when adding text to a design that is already on the screen.

FUTURA Newsletter_March 2014

FUTURA “Baby is Sleeping” Door Hanger Project Instructions

Sleeping Star Embroidery Design