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Duck Basket

SINGER® FUTURA “Embroidery Made Easy” Newsletter (October)

Embroidery Made Easy

Creating your own embroidery designs is a lot of fun with your SINGER® FUTURAsewing & embroidery  machine and AUTOPUNCH software!

The first step to digitizing (and perhaps the most important) is to start with a good quality image. In this issue of Embroidery Made Easy, we will explore the different types of graphic files and why some will produce good embroidery results and others will not.  This month’s project is an adorable fabric basket, featuring an embroidery design that you can create with the software for your SINGER® FUTURAsewing & embroidery machine.

FUTURA Embroidery Made Easy Newsletter_October 2013

FUTURA Fabric Duck Basket


VIVO by SINGER Embellished Towels

Sewing Projects

Add a colorful fabric band accent to a towel for a one-of-a kind gift or to coordinate with your household color scheme.

SINGER VIVO Kitchen Towels Project